Your Moving To-Do List

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There’s a lot to do when #moving, and often things get forgotten.  My Realty Times makes sure you don’t forget these essential little things when relocating.
Don’t forget to clean your old apartment. If you don’t clean it thoroughly and take out all the trash, you’ll lose some or all of your deposit.  Remember to clean out the refrigerator and defrost the freezer, and make sure you get the oven clean as well.  These often overlooked appliances will cost you money down the road if you don’t leave them neat.
Make sure to call the utility companies at your old place and notify them when to turn off the electricity, gas, phone, internet, and cable.  Then call the new utility companies so you won’t have the unpleasant experience of moving into a new home with no electricity.
Notify the post office of your new address and set up forwarding so any mail that goes to your old address will be redirected to your new home.  Give the companies you do business with your new address, and be sure to change your address with any companies that slip through the cracks and get forwarded to your new place.
Now that you’re a moving expert, need help finding a new #apartment?  Give Apartment Experts South a call today at 512-416-8100.

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