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I was working with an apartment locator for a month that wasn't finding properties I liked or within Budget. I contacted Becky on a Friday around noon, that evening she'd already contacted properties and reviewed screening criteria and had a short list for me to review. Within a day she found an amazing property with arguably best views in Austin, checked every box I was looking for and under budget. I've already recommended Becky to a few friends but would highly recommend her. I even appreciated her checking in with me and the property until I signed the lease. She definitely went above and beyond.read more
Padon Levine
16:06 06 Sep 22
Jenna Thompson at Apartment Experts helped me find the most amazing apartment in Kyle. There was absolutely NO STRESS involved. Jenna even filled out my lease application.I am extremely excited to move in and counting the weeks. It seems everyone is moving to Austin these days and rents are high everywhere.Jenna found me a 2 BR new (never lived in) apartment in Kyle. The property will be amazing, with a restaurant, food trucks, wellness center, 2 swimming pools and much more.There are some units available now, however I chose one that will not be finished until my current lease is fulfilled, in late October ‘22.Jenna is very attentive, asks many questions and will find the place that you want.I live in a nice place now and was concerned that rent would be higher no matter where I moved to or if I stayed in the same apartment. I was correct about the rent going up.The most amazing things about Jenna helping us out: 1) No stress, she was SO helpful; and 2) My monthly payment went down $350!!!Jenna found me a gorgeous new never lived in apartment with lots of amenities, I forgot to mention, my unit comes with all new appliances including a new washer and dryer, a two bedroom so i don’t have to downsize or store items in the garage.I can’t say enough about Apartment Finders, but more specifically, Jenna at Apartment Finders. Thank you, from the bottom of my Heart. TammyP.S. Call Jenna to find out where this amazing property is.read more
David Tammy Castaneda
20:52 27 Aug 22
Can I give this more than 5 stars? Melissa N was our locator and literally a lifesaver. We are moving from Dallas to Austin and having the hardest time getting into complexes for tours. We were pretty specific about what we wanted and it needed to be dog friendly. We had to have a yard attached and in the middle of Austin that is hard to find. Melissa was so kind, so fast and efficient and truly made this PAIN FREE. She got us into a place that wasn't event open yet so we are the first people at the complex! WOW! She continued to check in on us and went above and beyond to say the least. I would recommend her to every person wanting to move to Austin and looking for the perfect home. We cannot thank Melissa enough for everything she did for us!!!read more
Emily Holtmeyer
20:47 10 Aug 22
Melissa Navarro asked all the right questions and did not make me feel bad about my situation that was going to make finding and apartment difficult. She researched exactly what I asked for and found a few places for me to check out, and was able to get an apartment on the same day. She even went on the tour with me and helped facilitate the process with the apartment staff. She is super confident and knowledgeable which made the whole process painless. She's the best!read more
David Vainwright
20:21 08 Aug 22
Working with Jenna at Apartment Experts was such a wonderful experience! She was incredibly kind to me, patient, attentive, meticulous and communicative. I had been urgently looking for housing by myself for weeks with no luck, and she was able to help me narrow down my options and secure an apartment within a short period of time. Not only that, it was an apartment that checked off everything I had been searching for in a new home. It was evident that Jenna has a great work ethic and put in a ton of effort to locate the perfect apartment for me while working within my budget as well. She has also continued to stay in touch with me as I’m settling in and I will definitely be referring people over to her. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a new apartment and I cannot recommend working with Jenna enough!read more
Y-Thu Tran
19:58 08 Aug 22
Genevieve was awesome! We were first time renters and she gave us so many different options for the budget that we had. Her we were there for a short period of time only trying to find an apartment and her effort and efficiency for us to find an apartment in the days that we were there were phenomenal. Coming back home Genevieve was checking in and making sure I had everything needed for me to be approved for the apartment. Working full time her being there with a quick text was so needed! We now are about to move into our new apartment and all i have to say is that if i have to look for another apartment im definitely giving her a call again!!read more
Emely Castillo
22:32 04 Aug 22
Caleb was AWESOME! Easy to work with, explained the whole process, honest and incredibly flexible. We didn’t have a very easy setup but somehow Caleb made magic happen! I would HIGHLY recommend him for your apartment locating needs. He’s 100% on board and full of knowledge!read more
DJ Starre
17:17 04 Aug 22
Mark Madrid was awesome! I used another company that did not do a good job. I was on a tight deadline to find a place to start my new job. Mark was very responsive to my needs and requests. He had 10 places researched for me by the time we met. He talked me through the process. Within a few hours of meeting, I was able to begin my application process for my new place. I highly recommend Mark Madrid and Apartment Experts.read more
Gil Flores
18:51 27 Jul 22
Loren was a great help when it came to finding an apartment! She was super responsive and very attentive to detail when it came to what I was looking for. She acted very fast and gave me a comprehensive list of different choices based on my criteria. In addition, Loren was very flexible when it came to my availability to tour and was always willing to accommodate. She is very persistent and good at her job!read more
Andres Siboni
21:17 25 Jul 22
Michelle M. Was absolutely amazing, from the very first call I made, to the signing of my lease. She helped find the perfect home for me, even with all the requirements I had. I will definitely recommend her to everyone I know who’s searching for their perfect home. Words can’t express how grateful I am to have had your help. Thank you, thank you, thank you.read more
Jamie Villarreal
11:32 18 Jul 22
Mark Madrid is fantastic to work with! His response to my initial request was very quick. He was organized, informative and very professional! I have never experienced an easier, more seamless hunt for an apartment. It was actually fun, thanks to Mark.read more
13:43 14 Jul 22
I had a lot of trouble finding good apartments in my price range on my own, but Gary was able to find amazing apartments for me very quickly. His knowledge of the area was extremely helpful, and I had a hard time choosing which apartments to apply to because I loved the options so much! Gary was very accessible and willing to help throughout the entire process. I highly recommend the service to anyone looking for a place 🙂read more
Carmon Proctor
23:43 13 Jul 22
I needed an apartment as quick as possible and had a list of specifications that were almost impossible to find within my budget. Loren Steves helped me to focus and find the perfect place for me. It had EVERYTHING I needed! In a matter of days we got the lease signed and ready to move. I loved my experience with Loren and I know that whenever I need to search for apartments I will have her on speed dial!Thank you, Loren!!!!read more
Leslie Ayala Carrasquillo
22:51 13 Jul 22
Steve made finding an apartment super easy and quick! I spent a couple weeks looking and getting no responses back on vacancy, within 15 minutes Steve was able to locate 3 confirmed vacancies and I was approved in 20 minutes and his service was 100% free! He did a great job and made my life a lot easier!read more
Floyd Hossick
23:18 09 Jul 22
Rikki was AMAZING. We met Rickki through a leasing agent at an apartment complex that was unavailable. Not only did Rikki get back to us in 90 minutes with a ton of viable options but I hope to set up an appointment to go to tour these places. We signed at an amazing place that met all of our needs within 48 hours after reaching out. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!read more
Hayley Waggle
21:30 28 Jun 22
Raymond was SO helpful and advocated for me throughout the process of finding an apartment. He scheduled an apartment tour the day of our appointment and I was able to sign the same day. I LOVE my new apartment! As frustrating as the apartment search can be, it is really refreshing to be in good hands and know that someone has your best interest in mind. Thank you so much Raymond!!read more
Hannah Cecilia Garcia
20:56 20 Jun 22
I had a great experience with Mark at Apartment Experts. I had a lot of different things I was looking for in a possible home and he took the time to sincerely consider every single one of my requests in regards to each new place we looked. He never seemed to tire of my uncertainty. He checked in when we hadn’t been in communication. He took me on a great mini tour of complexes while I made my decision and helped me ask the right questions at the places we visited. He’s got a great work ethic and attitude and is knowledgeable about different areas of Austin.Highly recommend!read more
Gabrielle Navarrette
20:12 07 Jun 22
I can’t say enough about Loren Steves. She helped me secure an apartment for my son within a short period of time after me looking on my own for over a month. I had specific requirements and was trying to navigate apartment hunting from Virginia. Within a week of contacting me, she was able to find the perfect apartment with my son’s needs in mind and with me not having to make a separate trip down to Austin. If you need help, call her. She will not let you down! Thank you again 🙂read more
Elsa de la Garza
22:17 03 Jun 22
I was on the hunt for an apartment before June came around due to my mom leaving permanently to another country. I was able to come across Rikki from a fb group I’m in. She had helped another girl find a affordable cute place and I thought why not give it a shot. I reached out to Rikki Connor and right away she was able to get me started on my search. She provided various apartments in my budget and from there we started the search process. Within a week she was able to get me in a beautiful apartment of my choice within my budget. She was super friendly and helpful! Even helped me cut costs on my pet fees 😉 I recommend Rikki to anyone that’s looking for a new place even on a short notice she was able to find me something around that move-in date!Thank you guys!read more
Jasmine Romero
22:32 27 May 22
After looking for an apartment on my own for about a month without finding anything that fit quite right, I got in contact with Ashley at Apartment Experts. She was very helpful in finding multiple places that I liked and were also under budget. After visiting the apartments we had filtered through, I found 2 places that would have been equally suitable for my needs and ended up choosing one of them. All of this happened in one day after looking for a month, and it was at no cost to me! I couldn't be more satisfied with the service I received from Ashley. Thank you so much!read more
Jonathan Pennell
18:53 17 May 22
I was transitioning from an active duty military lifestyle to establishing myself as a full time student to finish a bachelors degree. I contacted Ashley Del Barto and she was so helpful! Her connections to property management companies and expertise when it came to the apartment market was so beneficial and made the process 10 times easier and quicker. She was also very friendly and encouraging throughout our time searching for just the right location! Definitely recommend!!!read more
Djon A Green
15:22 17 May 22
Darci really went above and beyond to help us find and close our new Austin rental in a super-tight market. She made it super easy, did a great job putting me at ease, and we found a great place quickly. No way we could have done it on our own. Thank you so much, Darci!read more
Laura Freedman
21:09 16 May 22
I cannot recommend this team enough. I reached out on a day and got a response the next. I was moving to Austin in a couple of weeks and Mark was very helpful through the process. My transition from another country into Austin was smooth thanks to Mark, his diligence, his advice and his recommendations. 5 star service overall!read more
21:01 08 May 22
Rikki Conner is absolutely the best!! I reached out to her and she was able to find me an option within 24 hours, and lucky for us, that option worked out!! From me reaching out to Rikki, to the move-in date, was only 11 DAYS!!! If you need someone who can work with you quickly, within your budget, and find the perfect place for you, contact Rikki Conner! I will be telling all my friends about her.read more
Theodora Betancourt
18:49 25 Apr 22
Jess has been so helpful this whole process. She showed us lots of options that had all of our checks. As a college student and first time apartment hunter I was very nervous about the whole process. Jess came to tours with me and helped ask the questions I didn’t even know to ask. She also helped me with the correct location and where she knew would be a safe community. Just singed my lease and couldn’t be happier with what we chose.read more
Claire Richardson
16:45 25 Apr 22
Extremely happy with my experience! Mark was a huge help and found me everything I was looking for! Super easy to work with and made the process as simple as can be!! Thank you so much!! I would highly recommend!read more
isaac escamilla
03:32 08 Apr 22
I was looking for a new apartment, and had Loren recommended to me through a friend. She was so great to work with! Incredible thorough and thoughtful with her process, and within a week I had found a new place. If you’re looking for a new spot, I would highly recommend!read more
Josh Cooper
16:39 04 Apr 22
We were put in a stressful situation and in need of finding a new complex urgently. I connected w. Genevieve and was so happy and grateful even just speaking w. her about our situation from the start. Genevieve went above and beyond in researching exactly what we asked for. We met with her the next day since time was of the essence. Throughout the process she knew how to help w. questions or concerns while touring properties. She even, sweetly, took over puppy care when I needed to look at things and take pics. In one day we found the place we liked and will be moving in same week. How awesome is that?! Genevieve Definitely knows her stuff and is so easy and more than helpful. If you need an experienced agent, then Genevieve is #1. Thank you so very much G. (South Austin location)read more
Maggie Knight
15:46 28 Mar 22
We had to move suddenly due to a house fire. The market in Austin is insane right now so we did not expect to find something soon. Ty at Apartment Experts was professional and courteous, he started making calls to apartments in front of me and helped us find a new home within one week. We were fully moved in and settled 12 days after our house fire and we attribute that to Apartment experts, they will not let you down!read more
Rebecca McDaniel
20:09 22 Mar 22
Loren was absolutely fabulous to work with as we searched for an apartment for our daughter. She truly cares about her clients and loves the challenge of finding that perfect apartment!!! We felt so comfortable with her and don’t know what we would have done without her expertise!!read more
Toni Shreve
03:27 20 Mar 22
Loren’s services have been outstanding to say the least. She was able to find me the perfect apartment within a week! She gave me plenty of options after I gave her my requirements; the process was so smooth and fast. I was able to save a lot of time and headaches by using her services. I recommend her to anyone, especially if you’re moving out of state. Thank you Loren!!!read more
Chhumlong Phin
17:00 06 Mar 22
I worked with Steve and I can not say snowing kind words about him! I had been driving around all day looking at apartments that all ended up being dead ends until I found Steve! He took his time answering all my questions and was super patient as new ones came up! He understood what I needed in an apartment and what I didn’t and he took no as a good answer when he found something I didn’t like! We put together a list in 1 hour together and I came in the next day and I made my decision on my new home 🙂 He found a beautiful apartment with more space than I thought I could afford and a cheaper payment than I expected in an amazingly safe area! He told me he would not recommend me to live anywhere he would not allow his daughter to live. And he kept his word! He is an amazing person to work with and I will definitely be referring people over to him and coming back in the future! He made the entire process so stress free and easy! Thank you for Steve for your help with this! I truly could not have done this without you!read more
Serrah Neal
06:49 25 Feb 22
Genevieve is Absolutely one of the best people I have worked with! Her patience is admirable and she really goes out of her way to make the process of finding a new home very easy. She helped us find a place in Austin while we were in Chicago and she was really involved in making this transition as smooth as possible. Needless to say, she is worthy of 10 stars, not just 5!!read more
Roxana Apostol
23:03 14 Feb 22
I worked with Cameron and he really helped out big time for me. I was in an unfortunate situation where I had to move ASAP and he was able to find a great place, price and location in my requests very fast. Communication was fast and easy, really wonderful experience. Would recommend!read more
Callie B
19:43 07 Feb 22
I tried for 6 weeks to find an apartment on my own, with no luck. After several instances of false advertising and 2 scam attempts, a realtor friend recommended Loren, and less than 2 weeks later, I have a beautiful new apartment that I never would have found by myself. She really listened and worked within my budget to locate the perfect apartment for me. I have worked with locators before, and never felt like they listened to or understood me, so Loren was a revelation! Bonus: she's fun and has a great sense of humor! I cannot recommend her highly enough!read more
Lisa McClure
01:16 27 Jan 22
Great doesn’t even begins to describe the Service that Loren Steves provide. you know how you get the whole automated and just almost like you‘re not even talking to a human response from some agents? Not Loren by a long shot! She‘s extremely responsive and resourceful not only when it comes to her expertise, but also how she actually does communicates with her clients. Don’t settle for less folks! apartment experts are great and Loren is even way better than that! thank you so much for helping me find a new home Loren! much appreciated!read more
Jacob Deruyter
23:23 26 Jan 22
Richard was THE best, this guy is like an apartment WIZARD. He helped me search through hundreds of places in Austin, narrow it down based on my preferences, and reviewed them with me. We did such a great job on my search, that very day I found the apartment I’m moving in to!!! Please reach out to Richard for your apartment locator needs in Austin!read more
Brooke Cline
19:40 15 Jan 22
I just moved to Austin and Cameron at Apartment Experts was amazing! He went above and beyond to help me find an apartment in a fantastic complex. He was friendly, responsive, and hard working. I would recommend him to anyone in need of help finding an apartment.read more
02:58 09 Jan 22
I used Apartment Experts to locate my apartment. I was needing the apartment very quickly. Claire called me almost immediately and asked the appropriate questions to know what I was looking for. We set up an appointment to meet for later in the week.Their office is in a convenient location. Claire had me fill out a very small amount of paperwork. She then showed me about 5 or 6 apartment complexes she was thinking would suit my needs. We narrowed it down to 3 that looked like the best options for me. She asked if I had time to view them today, and I did. Claire drove us to each location. She was super helpful with the leasing offices in asking the right questions to help me maximize my value.Following each location, she asked me if I thought it was a good fit. She was not pushy; instead, it seemed like she truly wanted me to find the right spot.By the end of the day, we found the perfect place for my new home. She followed up regularly to make sure everything was going smoothly. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking for their new apartment. It was an amazing experience!read more
Carly Collins
14:20 08 Dec 21
Genevieve Crouse with Apartment Experts is AMAZING! She helped in every aspect, she will go to the properties with you, ask the very valuable questions and show you what to look for even if you decide to go through with things alone. She worked within my price range and helped me get a great deal very quickly! I appreciate all she has done and recommend that you utilize the services available at Apartment Experts!!read more
Nekaybaw Watson
16:35 03 Nov 21
My roommate and I were helped by Jess. & let me just say we thought we weren’t gonna find anything since we had about a week left after searching alone for so long. She got us on the first try not gonna lie. First option of the other couple she had for us for us was perfect for us and we are all moved in and stress free! THANK YOU SO MUCH JESS read more
Dalila Lujano
18:29 02 Nov 21
I'm so grateful for Loren Steve’s help and expertise when moving from a different region to an apartment in Austin! She was highly recommended to me and immediately thorough in asking me questions to understand my preferences and get to know me as a human. Whereas a previous locator (from a different agency) only found a few options and seemed more interested in a higher budget, Loren was very responsive and respectful about my budget and needs, friendly, encouraging, AND found me nine options quickly during a crazy difficult housing market.During a life transition process that can be emotional with many big decisions, I appreciated Loren’s high emotional intelligence. She has a beautiful balance of being professional while also fulfilling the role of an honest, comforting friend. As someone brand new to Austin, I’ve also appreciated her insight about the area and recommendations for places and services in Austin.read more
Katarina Gleisberg
16:52 31 Oct 21
I had such an amazing experience with Apartment Experts! Loren was incredibly helpful, she sent me a list of apartment options that satisfied all of my needs even though I was super picky. she also answered all of my questions throughout the whole process to make sure i knew exactly what i was getting . Finding an apartment has never been easier and i couldn’t be happier with my apartment.Loren was more excited as I was when I found the apartment I wanted, it's like having a good friend helping you out 🤍 she was so personable and sweet.I'm really grateful for all the help and for such a friendly service!I would definitely recommend.read more
19:11 30 Oct 21
This is my third time using Loren through apartment experts. She is so amazing. She really goes above and beyond to ensure all of my needs are met. Being told you have 30 days to move or have your rent increased by $400+ is stressful. Loren began searching for my new home immediately. Of course she presented amazing options and I’m looking forward to moving! This market is tough and she still managed to find me a place that has everything I like. She always does what is best for the client even if it doesn’t benefit her. After 3+ years she remembers everything that I like in a home. She is very thoughtful, selfless, hardworking and considerate. I highly recommend that you work with her.read more
Sara Cardwell
10:04 29 Oct 21
If you're currently in the market for a new apartment I would highly recommend this FREE service. If you're like me, finding a new home can be very stressful as there are so many factors to consider. But, thank the lord for Loren as she made my search 100 times easier. She was super friendly and very informative during the entire process. She made sure I was getting exactly what I needed and most importantly within my budget. When my current lease is up I will most certainly be giving her a call again!read more
Michael De Leon
17:46 22 Oct 21
Amazing business. Genevieve helped my family find the perfect apartment. We moved from Ohio to Austin and were in a motel for awhile before finding a place to live. Apparently finding a 3 bedroom in Austin is almost impossible, unless you have months in advance to apply. My family and I had four days to move to Austin with a job offer, so we didn’t have time for much. She worked day and night to make the three bedroom possible for us. We had a mishap with an apartment that I would never recommend and she continued to find the perfect place; she never gave up. She was determined and dedicated. She made the process easy and was there every step of the way. She repeatedly called the leasing offices to get answers for me, responded to my texts in a timely manner, checked up on my family and I, and was extremely professional and felt like a friend. I vented to her about the stress I had and she was sincere and sympathetic. She sent a text a few weeks after moving, just to check up on us, and even the day of moving just to express her excitement for my family. I highly recommend this apartment locator company as well as Genevieve. She was the absolute best and the sweetest.read more
Samantha “Sammi Jean” Tedor
17:48 03 Oct 21
Got to work with Loren these past few weeks. I was looking for homes to buy and wanted to find a short term rental or an apartment that allowed subletting. She was so thorough and came back with a ton of choices. (Not so many apartments allow subletting, so I soon figured out it would be finding a place where I could break a lease.) After some back and forth on my part, I decided to take a break from house hunting and sign a regular lease. Loren had been checking up on me every couple of days during this time. I know she only cared about helping me find the right place and would have been happy for me if I decided to keep house hunting and not use her services. After I decided to stick with finding an apartment, Loren didn’t waste a second and found a ton of new places to look at it without my previous restrictions. We picked a day to look at about four apartments and I found my place! It was so easy to talk to Loren and she was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. She is a joy to work with. She’s happy, positive, responsive, and caring. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an apartment in Austin!read more
Rachel Peace
16:51 23 Sep 21
I worked with Jess at apartment experts and I am so glad I did. She brought knowledge and and expertise to the table that got me an apartment right away. She is an excellent listener who very quickly understood my needs and also made suggestions and asked questions that were based on her experience that I didn’t know. I was in a very personally vulnerable place needing a great living situation fast and she took excellent care of me. She found me an amazing apartment where I needed it but at a place I didn’t know existed! I could not have found or gotten this apartment without her help. I will definitely be recommending her to people in the future. She is kind, knowledgeable, and professional. I am so grateful to her!!read more
Lorna Fencik
16:57 03 Sep 21
I had the best time finding a place to live with Richard! He clearly cares a lot about the people he works with and spent extra time making sure I was happy with my options and gave great advice about where to look and which apartment to ultimately choose. He is so nice, super easy to talk to, and just a joy to be around. I know who I'll be calling next time I need to move!read more
Aaron Alterman
17:07 29 Aug 21
Richard was a great realtor! We told him our budget and where we wanted to live and he picked out a great apartment! It was a fun time getting to experience apartment looking with him! We found one and are so excited to see what the next steps are! 🙂read more
Allison Bell
18:53 25 Aug 21
I worked with Mark Madrid and I felt like he really listened to me and what I was looking for. I've dealt with apartment locators before and, working in sales, I understand the focus can be on the commission but he set up a call with me we went over properties in detail. What I really appreciated was I told him the range I'd like to stay in and also gave him my max range - not one apartment we saw was even at nor above my max monthly allocation I provided to Mark, which was a really nice surprise. He spent a full day of apartment hunting with me because I was in a major time crunch and needed to find one fast. He wasn't pushy, he asked how I felt about each place and the way he handled the process I just really appreciated. If you use this service, I'd request Mark 🙂read more
KE Winford
01:41 04 Aug 21
Loren was so helpful and attentive. I gave her all my wants and she gave me a list of all the complexes that checks everything on my list. 10/10 would recommend her to everyone. She is so nice and hilarious!!! She will make sure you get your dream apartment! Thank you for everything ❤️read more
Ni Nguyen
23:22 18 Jul 21
Loren was absolutely amazing to work with! She definitely took into consideration my budget, wants, and needs. She gave me a wide range of options and was incredibly helpful getting me information I wouldn’t have even known to ask for. This is my first apartment I’ve rented on my own and I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better experience in finding my new place.read more
Steven Fullen
19:58 17 Jul 21
Man, I cannot show enough gratitude for the help I got here. Needed an apartment ASAP and Steve Hadifar was extremely accommodating and helpful in doing so. We found an apartment the same day even after issues with one of them. And, the place I’m going to is really nice and affordable for me. They really are as good as it gets. Thanks again!read more
Sebastian Anaya
23:30 09 Jul 21
I worked with Claire, and it was a great experience. Moving from Virginia to Austin is quite daunting, and not knowing the specific areas of the city and what they offer made searching for an apartment on my own difficult. I happened to pass by this office, and it was a godsend. Claire is professional, knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond for her clients. I was able to find a great place that offered everything I needed/wanted. I signed the lease yesterday. I highly recommended Apartment Experts!read more
Lisa Powell
17:34 09 Jul 21
Loren Steves was incredibly helpful in my search for an apartment! Having never been to Austin, it was a very overwhelming task to look for apartments but Loren made the process not only bearable but enjoyable and fun! When, at the last minute, I was unable to tour one property, Loren set up another tour so that I was able to make the most out of my (first) trip to Austin! I am happy to have found a great apartment thanks to Loren!read more
Edgar Felix
21:21 03 Jul 21
Moved to Austin and had to find an apartment in less than two weeks. Lisa Marie made it possible to reserved four (4) appointments in one day. Really impressive to see that Lisa Marie knew me from the beginning. Really helpful, open, transparent and reliable through the whole process. She was always present in all my appointments. I am glad I met Lisa, I don't know what I will do with out her help. Highly recommend! Lisa is hands down the best in the business in my opinion, if I ever need to move again she will be my first choice. #lisamariefirstchoiceread more
Andrea Larrea
18:44 29 Jun 21
I moved to Austin from out of state and had no idea where to begin. Jess was amazing from the start. She is so knowledgeable about so many neighborhoods and complexes, down to earth, and worked so hard to find a place that was in the perfect location and within my budget. She didn’t quit until she found the perfect place for me! She offered her advice and opinion and answered every question I had! JESS is the best!!! I’m so pleased with my experience working with her. Thank you Jess!!!read more
Joseph Conroy
16:49 07 Jun 21
I moved from Ohio to Austin Texas with the help of Darci! Literally I tried numerous times to find a place prior to moving and it was the worst I almost honestly gave up. Darci literally sent me 4 options and I loved them all! I went with Lakeline Crossing Apartments and I’m in love. Without Darci I have no idea where I would be out here. She literally chose the perfect area for me and my family! It’s close to EVERYTHING you could think of from food, restaurants, mall! I mean you name it. She literally knew what she was doing! She was extremely responsive and on it! There wasn’t a time I felt she didn’t respond fast enough. She listened to everything I wanted and literally didn’t fail me! She’s patient and very sweet to work with I wouldn’t of had it any other way. If your in the market for a new place in the area Darci is literally your girl! Any one I knew looking to move here will be speaking with Darci 🙂 Thank you Darci!read more
Nautica Price
16:30 27 May 21
Loren is awesome! She worked with me to find a spot I'm super excited about and gave me a ton of places to choose from. She was really thorough in trying to understand what I was looking for and gave me a wide variety of options so I had an idea of what was available. I'd definitely recommend working with Loren if you have the chance. She's got a great eye and made the apartment search so much easier.read more
Quin Clarke
19:59 25 May 21
Where do I start! Loren our Realtor was AMAZING from start to finish ! I live in Orlando and just got a new job with Oracle, Loren gave me so much insight to Austin, she knew the area and where to go! My boyfriend and I flew from Orlando to tour after working together remotely for almost 3-4 months! As soon as I touched Down in Austin she had all the tour times ready to go and all my info filled out for me! Best Realtor out there! FACTSread more
Tolu Omokore
19:37 17 May 21
I am moving to a new city for a job and was overwhelm with the amount of apartments I could live in. I wanted to be close to the action of the city, close to work, be in a safe area, and be within my budget. This is where Jess from Apartment Locators was able to help me. She was friendly, professional, and quick. She did research, gave me a list of apartments with my criteria and tried to get me the best deals. I did a virtual tour of a couple of units and now I’m signing a lease. I had such a great experience that I will from now on use this service when I need to find another unit!read more
Marcelo Escobedo
23:25 04 May 21
Loren Steves was AMAZING. She communicated with me consistently and helped answer any and all questions I had regarding Austin apartment hunting. Before I found her, I had really struggled to find a 6 month lease in my budget, but she found some great options with ease! Utilizing her services was a NECESSITY for finding the perfect apartment. She was incredibly kind, had a bubbly personality, and worked with my schedule to set up a tour so my family could also attend. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with their apartment search!read more
Rachel Walgenbach
13:22 29 Apr 21
We used Apartment Experts to help us find the perfect place in Austin! Jess gave us a great list of apartments to choose from and gave us good background on Austin neighborhoods. We were moving from out of state so using them is extremely beneficial if you aren’t familiar with the area! Also, Jess was extremely easy to get in contact with and made sure everything was completed within our timeframe. We ended up getting a month free at the apartment we signed at 😀read more
Marinne Grider
18:51 20 Apr 21
HelloThank you for the great customer service provided. Your office staff was very kind even without an appointment!Cody quickly established himself as my advocate. His energy was refreshing and his overall good nature to genuinely help me find a residence eased my previously held hesitation, as this was my 3rd use of an apartment locator service here in Austin.I signed my lease within a week which would not have been possible with your staff, and definitely Cody. Y'all are doing this right!Thanks again! All the best, Mike Gread more
Mike Gons
06:51 11 Apr 21
Loren has been absolutely amazing helping my family locate the perfect apartment in Austin. She answered all our questions and gave us insite into the city we wouldn't have been able to figure out on our own. We always felt supported and listened to, especially with having to do everything remote and having thousands of miles between. Thank you Loren, we appreciate you!read more
Christina Anderson
15:40 08 Apr 21
I recently had the pleasure of working with Richard to find my new home! He was so patient and willing to work with my ever-changing time schedule. He truly took into consideration everything I was looking for in my search and pulled so many options for me to consider! I was very impressed that he even came along for the tours themselves. Thanks to him, I landed the perfect apartment at SUCH a great rate. I will definitely recommend him to all my friends in the future. Thank you!!!!!!!read more
Olivia Goodman
14:26 08 Apr 21
Darci was extremely helpful when I was looking to move across the country to Austin. She found me a couple of great options with everything on my wishlist, and asked the property managers all the right questions. Ultimately, I ended up going ahead with a different housing option for personal reasons but Darci went above and beyond to find the right apartment for us. Highly recommend!read more
srisharan shreedharan
17:32 03 Apr 21
First off, I wouldn't have gotten into my apartment if it wasn't for Joe's tireless help. He went above and beyond to stay in contact with me even past his normal work hours. Joe was really thorough with what I needed to change on my credit report to get approved as well as meeting with me with the apartment complex management to determine if it was still a good fit once approved.I was afraid of being placed in an area that was unsafe to have my daughter be around, but he shook that fear quickly by explaining all the areas of Austin to shy away from.11/10 would recommend and do business with again.read more
Jon Tarlton
21:42 21 Mar 21
Where would we have wound up without Jess? She was so attentive to what we described we wanted in the neighborhood and gave us her honest opinion about where she thought we would be happiest. She helped us time everything out perfectly so we could score awesome deals on the timing of our virtual tour vs signing the lease. Ultimately she helped us find the perfect luxury apartment with the pool of our dreams and we finally get to call Austin home. Thank you Jess!read more
Faith Fossati
02:38 10 Mar 21
Loren was super helpful during my apartment search. I moved to Austin from Chicago and wasn't sure what areas to look at for my needs and budget. Loren was able to find some great options for me and was super organized with all the pricing and availability! She also had some good intel on location - for example, some places were by a train which would be super loud for me. I appreciated those small touches! I would definitely recommend using her for all your apartment needs!read more
Laurel Slutsky
21:38 24 Feb 21
Cody was a good leasing Agent to me! He took his time to give me a call and went over what I wanted in my apartment. He also goes behind the scenes meaning he can really convince the apartment manager to accept a application especially if you have bad credit. Luckily he worked his magic and I am happy to be a new home owner. I recommend you working with him if you are looking for a home! I promise he won’t let you down!read more
Jonathan Coleman
01:52 06 Feb 21
These locators are the real deal. I had the pleasure of working with Ashley T. & she was amazing! She asked all of the questions that I didn’t even think of to the leasing offices for the places we looked at & secured me an incredible deal. I’m all settled into my new home now and love it. I highly recommend!!!read more
Charlie F
02:24 04 Feb 21
My Apartment finder Loren Steves is amazing. She made finding an apartment super easy. I told her everything I needed and she took it from there. I flew into Austin and met with her and we spent the day touring places that she set up and by the end of the day we found my new home.Loren is great, fun, on time and knows how to turn your dreams into reality. She will take all the stress away of looking on your own. Trust me.read more
Margo Mindrum
01:53 04 Feb 21
Jess Rodriguez- such a great help! Moved from California a month ago and I needed to get my own place soon. She did the best she could within my budget and was able to get me a good deal at The Domain! She makes all the call for me and communicate with me professionally. I would go to her if I were you.read more
Elisa Martinez
22:01 11 Jan 21
Loren was amazing! I relocated from MN and she helped me every step of the way! She found me the perfect new home for me and my pup. Super responsive, professional and I got everything I wanted! Thank you so much Loren!!! I will definitely be recommending her to EVERYONE!!!read more
B Sheff
01:13 08 Jan 21
Jess is THE BEST there is! I could go on and on about what a wonderful person she is and how much she has been of help to me over the years as I've transitioned between apartment communities. She has always been extremely professional, honest, genuine and informative when it comes to helping me find a place to live. Her level of compassion and willingness to go above and beyond are such refreshing qualities; She really provides such peace of mind. Jess knows all the questions to ask up front to set you up for success in finding a home, and she listens intently to all your wants/needs after which she goes into action searching multiple options that are a perfect match for what you're seeking. She is highly detailed and extremely knowledgeable in her field. Like I said- she's THE BEST. I won't ever use another locator and I cannot recommend Jess enough!Thank you, Jess, from the bottom of my heart!read more
21:58 06 Jan 21
This is the go to place if you are looking to find an apartment, townhouse, or house for rent. I recently worked with Melissa Prust, and let me say she is truly amazing! Melissa was very thorough in asking my budget and area I was looking to move to. She had a very detailed list of apartments, that met my budget and amenities. Melissa went above and beyond, she contacted the apartments that made my top list and coordinated with those apartment complexes and setup my tours and sent my information and what floor plans I was interested in. I found a place in 5 days! Melissa made everything so easy and stress free! I would definitely recommend Melissa and Apartment Experts!read more
Brandas Alpough
21:57 04 Jan 21
A.E.S.A. responded promptly to my online inquiries. Even in our fist conversations, Daniel Currie showed his drive and willingness to help me out. He made this stressful process very easy for me, and I am now in my new home because of his effort and knowledge. My situation is unique (and pressing), and his customer service skills went above and beyond, while being honest with me, and helping me make the right choice for what I needed/was looking for.Daniel is friendly, professional, courteous, respectful, and knowledgeable in this area. Definitely recommend 10 out of 10! It is so refreshing to experience a human like Daniel - this ws a very hard time for me and I appreciate his patience and help.read more
Ashley Simcoe
19:22 02 Jan 21
Loren Steves is awesome!! She has helped me find two places that I love, in my budget, and in a great location. I wish I had known about apartment experts sooner, cause it makes finding an apartment so easy. And it’s free?? You can’t get any better than that.read more
Kristina Kirk
23:54 07 Dec 20
My apartment locator was Mark Madrid and the trait that stuck out the most to me about him was how quick he was to find me a place. He had already made a list of places for me to see within a couple of hours. He was responsive, friendly, and just overall a genuine person which is quite rare to find. Once I had applied to a place he made follow up calls to the complex for me to obtain my application status, move-in details, and any other information I needed and would inform me immediately. I had been living in extended stay hotels for months and thought I wouldn't be able to find a place on my own, but Mark found something that fit my needs perfectly. I thank him greatly because it has been so long since I had the feeling of a real home to call my own. I highly recommend Mark! Stay safe everyone!-Jordanread more
Jordan Carlozzi
00:46 02 Dec 20
Loren Steve's was the absolute best! I was on a real time crunch to get a new apartment and she came through with multiple apartments and found the best one with her help. I love my new place and I wouldn't have been able to find it with out her help, thank you!read more
23:10 29 Nov 20
Raj Patel was super helpful with finding a perfect apartment for me! I’m moving from Colorado to Texas and I’m not able to physically see the apartments so he was very helpful. Extremely responsive to texts and sent me several nice apartments to look at. He set up my FaceTime tour with the apartment that I leased with and I’m very happy with it! Thanks Raj!read more
05:48 10 Nov 20
Jess Rodriguez was fantastic to work with and went above and beyond in helping me with my search, making it possible for me to orchestrate a long-distance move in a short timespan. I reached out via the text feature & received a response from Jess within about 2 minutes.She quickly pulled together a huge list of potential complexes & units that met my wish list, and even put together a video review of each of the properties since I wasn't in town to feel out the neighborhoods. Her neighborhood recommendations were spot on. All-in-all, I was able to lock down a great space and a great deal within 5 days of reaching out to her.Would highly recommend Jess & Apartment Experts to anyone looking to move into the area!read more
Matt Zeiser
03:25 01 Nov 20
Claire was incredibly helpful! She picked lots of good places for us, and we narrowed it down to our favorites. On the tour she was a great spokesperson for our needs and she gave very frank and insightful opinions on each place. Finding the perfect apartment was a breeze with her!read more
Laura Sterling
00:16 21 Oct 20
Working with Darci was awesome! I have not worked with an apartment locator before... let alone rented an apartment in a very long time, so I was very nervous and unfamiliar with the whole process! She was very responsive, patient, and so nice/friendly during it all I felt like I was just chatting with an old friend who was helping me find a home! I can be very shy and not talkative around new people so for me to say that is huge. The apartment that I ended up renting is the absolute perfect fit for me and my brother and we love the place so much. I’ll definitely be working with Darci when I’m ready to move again or refer my friends/family to her! Thank you again for being so awesome girl 😊😎read more
Kristen Fogle
19:24 16 Oct 20
I was moving from Houston and didn’t have the opportunity to physically see any apartments. I also had a really tight budget. Darci was able to find me the perfect place for my first Austin apartment. I absolutely love the area that its in. I will definitely work with Darci again for my next apartment.read more
Pete Howell
17:57 16 Oct 20
Claire was awesome! Professional responsible and very flexible. Provided me different options and checked in on me frequently throughout the process.
Paula Taylor
20:40 10 Oct 20
Moving here from Chicago was so easy with Darci’s help. She found me my place and it’s wonderful. I highly recommend her to anyone that is just starting out in Texas and needs a helping hand with the most important part of moving which is finding a place. Thanks so much Darci!!read more
Bradley Skelly
15:22 09 Oct 20
Steve is a mad man!!! I was ready to give up looking, he stayed on the hunt. Man on a mission to find you the place you need. Definitely will recommend this man's service to anyone I know.read more
justin davis
19:51 08 Oct 20
Claire was amazingly helpful helping us find our apartment in Austin. We had a lot of specifics we were looking for and she helped us find a place that fit all of them. Highly recommend!read more
Matthew Laycock
18:31 07 Oct 20
Daniel is absolutely AMAZING. I told him what I needed and he found us the perfect place in less than 24 hours. I cannot recommend him enough. ❤️
Brianna Buford
16:16 07 Oct 20
Darci is hands down the best apartment locator in Austin. I've been living in Austin for 5 years and have had 3 different locators but Darci made our experience so amazing, my friends and family would be seeking her help from here on. She asked me and my wife what our requirements were and gave us a list of apartments that we would possibly like. She scheduled the tours for us, followed up with us. Once we did finalize on that apartment she took her time to make sure the leasing process was simple not time consuming. Highly recommend Darci to everyone. Once again, thank you Darci for putting hours and hours of effort in finding us our ideal apartment!read more
Affan Baig
15:00 07 Oct 20
Jess Rodriguez was absolutely fantastic. After months of searching on our own, we decided to get some help and her hard work got us a great apartment within 8 DAYS. Even with multiple changes to our criteria, Jess immediately responded with options that were most suited to our needs. All of her suggestions were spot on and exactly the type of properties we had in mind. She was available to answer random questions late at night and always had time for a phone call if we needed something explained. When we viewed the listings, she had questions for the leasing agent that we hadn't even thought of and constantly seemed invested in our search. We are extremely happy with the location we chose and even after signing the lease she has followed up to make sure we don't need anything else.read more
Olivia Johanneck
00:22 01 Oct 20
Met with one of the locators here, Marissa Pate, yesterday and was able to apply to one of the options that very night. I needed assistance because of previous records preventing me from having all the options to choose from by myself. She gave me enough of a range to pick from and explained more about how to go about the application process with my circumstances! I felt totally hopeless this week that I would be without housing in a few weeks once my lease is over, and now my hope has been restored! Thank you Marissa! I would highly recommend her to anybody.read more
Marissa Edwards
17:23 30 Sep 20
Richard helped my wife and I find our new apartment and was always responsive to whatever we were looking for. Very friendly guy, kudos to Richard!
Bryan Jacob Sangmook
15:47 15 Sep 20
Mr. Ryan Rivas provided us with excellent service, even accommodating the international time difference which we had to work with given our situation.He was professional, responded quickly and effectively to all questions and concerns, even when some apartment complexes misrepresented their rates and apartments. He was in our corner the whole time, and I cannot recommend him enough!read more
Eric Loster
02:34 12 Sep 20
I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this service. My partner and I had built an excel sheet to track ~50 potential Austin apartments, and after the first day of viewing them, we knew we needed help. I reached out to Apartment Experts in an Instagram DM and was sent a text from Mike Scaffide only a few minutes later. Within two hours, at 8pm, Mike and I were on a Zoom call, flipping through apartments that met my *tough* criteria. And he flipped through them fast too, which I loved! It was easy to narrow down the options we went through. The next morning Mike set up viewings for us at three locations, we viewed all three and made our choice later that day. I can’t believe the stress we had put on ourselves trying to figure this out with an excel sheet and our own Googling. I will always use this service moving forward.read more
Bre Roz
18:28 08 Sep 20
I worked with Jess R and she was amazing!! After giving me a whopping 28 options with every detail I could think of in one comprehensive place, we were able to find me the perfect apartment in LESS THAN A WEEK! Oh and I was in Philadelphia the entire time. Jess FaceTimed me while touring the space and thoroughly explained what I can expect having never been to Austin before but randomly moving there. I can’t thank Jess enough!read more
Emily Weichel
14:03 07 Sep 20
I recently used this company to help me find a new apartment on the fly. Steve was very helpful and had me set up within a day. I would definitely recommend Apartment Experts to a friend.read more
J Conway
14:16 06 Sep 20
After initially moving to Austin in a hurry and trying to navigate the craziness that is the Austin apartment scene, I turned to Apartment Experts and was connected with apartment locator Tonia Jones. My timeline was less than ideal by every measure, but Tonia was responsive, professional, and most of all, hopeful we would find something I liked within my budget. A couple moves later within Austin, and Tonia has remained such a vital resource and steady each time. She invests time and energy in identifying the best prospects, and as a result, I have never felt like there was any pressure to settle for something I didn't fully love. Tonia's passion, coupled with her upbeat and positive energy, made the tumultuous task of apartment hunting an enjoyable and meaningful experience. Without her help, I'm sure my experience moving would not have been quite the same.read more
Ryan Adams
03:23 13 Aug 20
Sue Ellen Lopez is AMAZING!! She actually listens to your needs, wants and concerns. She is kind, funny and 100% ready to go to bat for you! I had been looking on my own for months, and she found my new home within ONE day of touring! She will make sure you are treated fairly and get what you’re looking for! HIGHLY recommended!!read more
shawn dooms
16:02 28 Jul 20
I tried looking for my apartment by my self and it turned out to be more difficult than it though it would be. I had a friend recommended Sue and they told me she was awesome so if figured I’ll give her a shot. I wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to help me because I only had to weeks to find my place. I call Sue and she picked right up. After she found out I had only two weeks to find a place, she told me that I will be her priority because of the timeline. I was a bit skeptical but she delivered everything she promised!! What I liked about Sue is she was honest and attentive. I couldn’t be more happy and would highly recommend her to everyone I know.read more
22:51 22 Jul 20
My locator, Nick, is the best! This is my second time to use his services and he is a real miracle worker! I could not have found these great places without him! He is a joy to work with, and he is very perceptive of what my likes and dislikes are. He found me the perfect apartment the first time, which I leased for a year and a half, until I had to move to a different area. And now, he has found me the ideal apartment to fit all my needs. Not to mention, a great move-in special. I highly recommend him!!read more
Luisa Austin
15:46 17 Jul 20
Loren made my first time finding an apartment easy! She was super nice, understanding and knowledgeable about the locations she picked out for me. We found the perfect complex on the first try! I definitely recommend!!read more
Angelica Rodriguez
13:53 15 Jul 20
I worked with Jess and she is incredible. I gave her my parameters and she was able to find places I had no idea existed at amazing rates. She was also so quick to text back she is practically psychic. If you want to sit back and let a pro find what you’re looking for this is the way to go.read more
Nathan Rothschild
21:08 10 Jul 20
Steve is the gentleman who helped me find my new place and the experience couldn’t have been better. He was very pleasant and extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the city. He was honest about the places he showed me and even drove me to look at the room. I highly recommend apartment experts and definitely recommend Steve. Great dude.read more
Zachary Garner
16:14 02 Jul 20
Sue Ellen Lopez is by far the best Apartment Locator I have worked with in Austin. Throughout our entire search together for an apartment she was kind, courteous, patient, knowledgeable. I was extremely indecisive, yet she helped me weigh the pros and cons of each living scenario. She found me the best deal for an apartment that is within walking distance to tons of great amenities and even a Metro Rail station. I also received two months free. This is my first apartment ever and she made a very intimidating process into something that was quick and easy for me to understand. She saved me a lot of time and stress. Best of all, she was a friend throughout the entire process. I will gladly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a place to call home. Thank you again to Sue Ellen Lopez of Apartment Experts Apartment Locators.read more
Lajuante Murray
17:45 30 Jun 20
We worked with Jess Rodriguez to help us find an apartment that met our must-haves and our personality in Austin. She was very prompt with her emails and messages and within a day had found us a handful of apartments to explore. Thanks to Jess we found a great apartment to explore Austin from!read more
Justine Swenson
19:34 25 Jun 20
I worked with Darci to help find an apartment for my impending move to Austin. Even though I didn't end up choosing one of the apartments she suggested, I appreciated her willingness to put in the effort. She found about 10 places in my ideal price range/location and was super easy to work with. I strongly recommend working with this company!read more
Sam Saxena
19:08 24 Jun 20
Trevor Arnold is the best and most brilliant apartment locating agent/real estate agent I have ever worked with, and I have lived all over the country! Within hours after our first call, he created a personalized portfolio and video showing me options of exactly what I was looking for. He was so patient and knowledgeable with a kind attitude and upbeat personality who found me my next dream home in one day. Incredible! I highly recommend choosing Trevor to work with when you’re looking for a place anywhere in the Austin area!read more
Helina Mehta
14:54 20 Jun 20
Steve H. was very patient and accommodating in helping my choose an apartment, and he has helped me for the last two years now. I recommend them!
Vikram Murali
15:33 16 Jun 20
I literally never write google reviews, or reviews in general, but Claire was AMAZING to work with!My girlfriend and I were super worried when we first started our search as we are moving from NYC with no connections or way of visiting down in Austin before our move, and we were definitely a special case in terms of our budget and circumstances.We also had quite a few specific wants and needs in our apartment search and yet Claire was not only able to meet all of our wants and needs in a professional and responsive manner, but she was able to do so in LESS THAN A WEEK!From the time we called her to the time we signed our lease was, I believe, 8 or 9 days! We couldn't ask for a better locator, and we would 20 times out of 10 recommend Claire and Apartment Experts for your Apartment search in Austin. 🙂read more
Sean Tsyganovsky
18:43 14 Jun 20
I'm sitting here in this quarantine pandemic situation and realized its time to move my family out of this place ASAP! I reached out to a few other locators but Richard responded super fast and I told him what I was looking for and my situation. We met up that day and he already had very nice apartments in the area of town I was looking and they also had move in deals! I found the one I liked and checked it out and within a couple days we signed the lease. I would have never been able to locate and find this place during these crazy times without Richard's amazing skills and laser focus. I greatly appreciate his time, help and dedication. He checked in during the process to make sure everything was going smoothly with the apartment people. He's the man and I will be using him for any of my future moves.read more
Harold Gray
16:37 13 Jun 20
Nick helped me find a cute place in the part of town I wanted within 1 day! It was quick, painless, and easy.
Karla Wanjiru
04:04 06 Jun 20
Nick assisted us and his professionalism and customer service were top. Criteria was provided for the need. His suggestions were spot on. He has been in the business over 10 years so he is very knowledgeable about the area and apartments. So much time was saved and he was aware of specials which weren't always advertised. Excellent choice.read more
Debbie McLaughlin
19:17 04 Jun 20
Highly recommend using Apartment Experts! Sue Ellen was the best, I work in property management and the last thing I wanted to do on a Thursday was tour more apartments! Luckily sue ellen made the experience so relaxing!she had everything prepared that way We could hit the ground running and find me a home! She listened to everything I needed in my new home and found me exactly what I was looking for as far as price range, location and amenities! she also went above and beyond after my application process with the complex I chose. she reached out to them for further information that way I could be at ease! I am so happy we found my new home and I look forward to using Sue Ellen in the future when I’m in the market again for a new place! Thank you for helping me find the perfect home!read more
Audrey Bledsoe
05:15 27 May 20
Everyone knows that searching for a new home can be and usually is very frustrating and stressful. Thankfully, I had Apartment Experts, Darci Heald in particular, guiding and assisting me every step of the way. Unfortunately it took quite a few viewings and tours to find the "right" place, but no matter how many or how often, Darci was up for the challenge! Always proactive, professional, and attentive, she was ready to assist, day in and day out until I was happy. Let's be honest, I'm quite picky!! Even helping with the entire application process. Not sure what I would have done, or more importantly where I would have ended up, if she wasn't the ROCKSTAR she turned out to be!Thanks Darci !!!read more
Volgy KTX
21:26 26 May 20
Loren is the most helpful and timely locator I have ever worked with. She worked quickly and efficiently and found literally the best deals in town. 10-10 would recommend. Thanks Loren!read more
Daniel Nguyen
18:01 19 May 20
Wanted to say thank you to John who spent an afternoon helping me find an apartment as I started a new job in Austin. He really took into account my personal circumstance and must haves and helped me narrow down my choices. He was great to work with and I highly recommend.read more
Sandra Soliz
01:11 10 Apr 20
I was skeptical going here. I went to a similar type company and i left frustrated and angry. However that being said, i was able to find a place i liked, and more importantly my wife liked. Trevor, was knowledgeable and patient. Really keyed in on finding what i wanted. Also you can tell he's excited to help you. Which goes a long way when someone has positive energy. 10/10 would use again.Seriously. Ask for Trevor! You won't be disappointed.read more
Justin Slattery
23:16 19 Mar 20
I previously used Apartment Experts 3 years ago when moving from Charleston, SC to Austin. Thinking I had a better idea of the city after a couple years, I tried apartment hunting on my own and with a smaller company. Lesson learned!I went straight back to Apartment Experts and heard from Sue Ellen within 5 minutes of reaching out online. It was well after 5pm, so I was shocked at the quick response. We chatted about the timing of my upcoming move, where I wanted to be, my requirements and my budget. She explained that I was a few weeks early and we put time on the calendar to reconnect. She reached out to several complexes for availability, specials and to clarify amenities for me. She then showed me the properties on a map so I could narrow down any that were too far out. We spent a few hours on Saturday driving to 5 places. She gave me great feedback, questions that I should consider, and by the last stop, I had decided where to live. I filled out an app and signed 2 days later. Thank you for taking the stress and work out of apartment hunting, Sue Ellen. I really felt like I had a friend helping me with the process and would highly encourage anyone to use her as a resource. She knows the area and she cares!!read more
Candace Lutz
15:20 19 Mar 20
Jess was amazing to work with. She really took the time to go through all of my options within my budget and apartment amenities I was looking for. She stayed with me throughout the entire process and I was able to sign a lease that same day. This experience truly took so much stress off my shoulders. I highly recommend Apartment Experts!read more
Vanessa Pérez
17:56 04 Mar 20
Richard H was absolutely a delight. Knowledgeable, and fun. The best part is he actually cares about which apartment you end up in... what ever is best for his clients he will do! Plus he’s great company. Highly, highly, highly recommend him!!read more
Robert Vaughan
23:57 29 Feb 20
I was referred to Richard Hackey by a friend and he has been amazing to work with. This was an unexpected move due to a life change and his calming, positive presence made this apartment search much easier for me. I appreciate his ability to filter through all of the data based on my needs while asking the right questions during our site visits. He made me very comfortable (a rare thing) and gave me great advice. I highly recommend him. Richard can provide a list of options it would take the average person hours to generate, plus his knowledge of the industry as well as the market make him a valuable resource for anyone needing a new apartment. Don’t do it alone. Call an expert! If you want someone who is kind, business savvy, and detail oriented - call Richard!read more
Leigh-Ann Galpin
20:10 07 Feb 20
Jess took out all the stress...honestly, what I expected to be an overwhelming, tedious experience ended up being the most relaxing, rewarding (quick!) journey. Jess is so organized, sweet, & passionate — the moment I stepped foot into her office I knew I was both in a safe space & in great hands. Jess was absolutely determined to help me find my home, my sanctuary, & that she did. No question to big or too small; jess was there by my side throughout this entire journey. Her invested & caring personality is wholesome, authentic, & genuine. Thank you so much Jess for helping me find my dream home. Words cannot express enough of my gratitude. Thank you.read more
Sami Blumenthal
02:45 07 Feb 20
Hey if you're looking for the perfect place for you and your pets, call apartment experts and ask for Darci Heald, literally best phone call I ever made. She takes care of business, she responds quickly, extremely patient and shes really cool. We found the perfect place for an amazing deal after seeing like a ton of places, thanks to her. So please save yourself the headache of finding a place and call Darci.read more
Schuyler Facker
00:28 22 Jan 20
Sue Ellen helped me out when I thought there was no hope! I came in dead tired from working a 4am shift, and this beautiful angel of a person was nice enough to give coffee from her personal stash to perk me up, then we got to work and she was able to find 3 properties to show me that day! After the second one I knew I found home. I filled out the application and Ms. Sue Ellen stayed on top of them and I was contacted within a few days with approval. I don't think, in fact I know I wouldn't have found this place if it hadn't been for her! She's the best and I highly recommend using her for your apartment needs!read more
Tiffany Dejesus
12:15 14 Jan 20
Why have we never used a locator? Jess Rodriguez made it so easy! She took all the stress off of us by helping us narrow down our options, making sure we got as many deals as possible, went on the tours with us and just made sure we got best value for our money. A specific thing we appreciated was that on tours, she initiated the conversation and ensured the complexes would offer everything we were looking for at the prices they advertised. We ultimately saved hundreds of dollars in fees thanks to her! Can’t recommend enough!read more
Caroline Anderson
16:00 23 Dec 19
My experience with Sue Ellen was amazing. She helped me out so much and didn't give up in helping me find an apartment. She would keep me in the loop and would answer my phone calls or text messages almost immediately. She is a very cheerful and positive person. Always had a smile on her face,very friendly, very positive. I'm happy I got her to help me. Sue Ellen is the best!read more
Doraelia Gonzalez
16:56 19 Dec 19
My fiance and I love our apartment! We worked with Juana Faudoa and she made everything really easy, we wouldn't have found it without her! Juana is very helpful and always got back to us quickly whenever we needed anything. We will definitely ask her to help us find our next place whenever we move next!read more
Casey Archer
17:22 17 Dec 19
From day one, I had such an amazing experience with Sue Ellen Lopez at Apartment Experts. She made sure to get everything I wanted and needed & gave me all the best options that it made me hard to choose one place! Sue was attentive, made sure to answer ANY question I had and always there. I definitely recommend using Apartment Experts, especially Sue!read more
Frances Suarez
20:59 16 Dec 19
I worked with Anthony and was really happy with his professionalism in helping me find an apartment. He went ahead to all the spots we considered to give them a heads up of my visit, and made it super simple to find what I wanted. His knowledge of the Austin area comes from years of experience and it shows! Can't thank him enough for his help and I would definitely recommend him to anyone to trying to find a new place to call home in Austin, Texas!read more
Madelyn Albracht
17:38 16 Dec 19
This was the Best Decision I made during my Apartment search in Austin coming from Dallas. Loren Stevens was my Apartment Expert and she was Incredible. She has a vast knowledge of the greater Austin area. She found me the most amazing area with plenty of upscale apartments to choose from. After touring several Apartment communities and being well known and liked in the area by every apartment we visited, made it feel like you were getting the VIP treatment every where you went. If you choose Apartment Experts you have to work with Loren Stevens as she is truly The Apartment Expert.read more
James Haigwood
01:30 06 Dec 19
I worked with Sue Ellen to help me find an apartment. She was awesome throughout the process. I did not have a car so she drove me to the different properties to tour them. She is very professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend working with her. Thank you!read more
Colton Kaplan
19:05 24 Nov 19
Best experience ever finding an apartment. It's not easy moving from a different state when you don't have the time and is traveling out of the country. First, Melissa Nelson actually gave me a call so she could understand more of my needs and wants instead of just reading off the form I filled out. She was quick to put together a link of 9 properties and write me an email with each apartment complex rent, square footage and what was close by in the area. After I picked a couple of places she went to the apartments and FaceTime me to show me everything.It's been 1 months since I moved and I'm happy with the location and apartment I picked. I wouldn't have been able to find the perfect place without Melissa! Thank you!read more
Fernanda Silva
17:23 17 Nov 19
I worked with Loren Steves here and she made the whole experience completely stress-free!! I was relocating from out of town and she helped me take the uncertainty out of finding the right apartment, in the right location, close to work, etc. She was incredibly understanding throughout the whole process and help me make the best decision for me! I can not recommend her enough! She does thorough research before you go tour building with her, and helped me make sure I asked the right questions during the tours. Would give 10 stars if I could! Thank you Loren!!!read more
Emmi Nordale
17:58 30 Oct 19
I was unsure of how to go about finding a decent apartment in a nice part of town that would work with my less than perfect background. But Sue Ellen confidently made my search so seamless. She found me options within my daily commute and job location. She came along to the apartment walk-through and asked all the questions on my behalf I would never had thought to ask. She was my apartment concierge! Not only was I approved for the apartment of my dreams but she stayed in communication every step of the way. She's motivated and very experienced in her role and I would highly recommend her!read more
Randy Ortega
04:28 03 Oct 19
Melissa Nelson was so amazing 15/10 I recommend her!!! She’s like actually magical. I have no idea how she found my perfect apartment that fast. She’s super warm, accommodating, understanding, easy to talk to. No time wasted with her and I’ll be using her from now on. Thanks Melissa! -Brianread more
Brian H
02:43 20 Sep 19
Melissa Nelson is hands down the best apartment locator in Austin. She’s know this city very well, has amazing relationships with a lot of different complexes and communities which is very helpful when you are looking for an apartment with top notch management. It’s crazy how she’s able to stay up to date with all the specials, new builds, apartments features, staff, etc. Melissa was super respectful of our requests and budget and we ended up getting approved for our dream home in an amazing location.read more
Nilyria Smithson
01:57 17 Sep 19
Loren is THE girl! Attentive, prepared, flexible, detail oriented, always with a positive attitude and a true "go getter". I liked her from the first moment. She knows what she's is doing, she loves her job and that is a total game changer. Amazing listener, incredible planner, truly genuine person, her approach (a sophisticated mix of fierceness, knowledge, care, flexibility, and immediate responsiveness) is what made us trust her throughout this journey. She found our apartment in less than 24 hrs. But she worked tirelessly for another 3 days to humor my crazy requests. Always with a smile! What a trouper.read more
chiara tomassini
14:55 15 Sep 19
Loren is the best! So kind, so helpful, replies to texts and emails quickly. We were so overwhelmed with options and she was able to find us a perfect list of apartments to choose from. She helped us find deals that we couldn’t have found on our own that saved us a ton of money. She is also just an awesome person to spend an afternoon with while searching for apartments. Bubbly, extremely knowledgeable about the city and about apartment policies etc. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!read more
Travis Poore
23:19 09 Sep 19
I highly recommend Jess Rodriguez! Jess was such a great help and was able to help me find a new apartment the first day we met. I was blown away by her knowledge about the different areas of the city and even knowledge of so many different apartment complexes. Jess really knows her stuff and is a true professional. Throughout the entire process I always felt that Jess was looking out for my best interest. If you're looking for a new place do yourself a favor and go see Jess!read more
Justin Lynch
00:50 02 Sep 19
Sue Ellen was quick, on point, friendly and professional. She met all my needs and found me an apartment on first visit, she kept me up to date with everything happening during application process. She is on top of her game and I am grateful for her services, couldnt of asked for a better experience. Recommended for anyone looking for an apartment in Austin, no matter what options or requirements. Thank you again!read more
Koyote Lutz
22:30 28 Aug 19
Loren Steves is amazing. I messaged her in a panic needing to find an apartment in a very short time frame and she responded within minutes. We were able to view apartments the next day and I was able to find an apartment I was very happy with. Even with my time constraints, Loren made it work and I’m so happy I reached out to her. Definitely recommend.read more
Jackquelynn Hernandez
21:09 27 Aug 19
Had a great time with Melissa Nelson. Worked with me till the end and found us a great place. Couldn't be happier with my experience. Great time Great Conversations and showed some Great options.read more
Jacob Christopher
22:10 09 Aug 19
Apartment locator are the best ! I definitely recommend Melissa Nelson! She is amazing definitely hear what u want, always finds nothing but the best in your price range! This is my second time coming to her as always service is amazing and we love her.read more
Mariah Lopez
18:09 30 Jul 19
Sue Ellen Lopez was THE BEST! I had some things come up on my credit that was preventing me from getting approved but that didn’t stop Sue Ellen from helping me find the perfect place for my situation. She was caring, attentive, and reassured me that she would do her best and she most definitely did! I’m beyond pleased with her service and look forward to working with her in the future! :))read more
Jasmine Heskey
22:08 10 Jul 19
Loren was a lifesaver!! I am from Atlanta and knew NOTHING about where to live in Austin. Loren ran into us as one of the apartments that we were trying to tour (her apartment, actually!), and was a true God send. I got a great deal and signed my new lease the same day that I toured with her. Also, she used to be an Austin tour guide and is super cool, so highly recommend:)read more
Krista Hill
17:45 08 Jul 19
I recently moved to Austin for graduate school and was very nervous about finding an apartment in a city I knew nothing about. Working with Jess took all of those nerves away! We spoke on the phone before meeting, which allowed her to do an extensive search perfectly customized to me. When we met she had narrowed down the options to only the spots that she felt truly fit my needs - from there we narrowed down the search together even more and went on visits - she's so good I had a place within a few hours! She was so gracious and helped me get more acquainted with the city and gave me AWESOME food recs!read more
Chloe Craig
15:48 01 Jul 19
I highly recommend working with Richard Hackey! He helped me find the perfect apartment in the location I was looking for and within my price range. He was very knowledge, efficient, and made the process easy and fun. So glad I found him!read more
Mayra Marquez
22:29 27 Jun 19
My first experience with Apartment Experts was very welcoming and understanding to my apartment needs and concerns. I accidentally reached out via phone call while looking at apartments on my own, and I am glad that I was able to be put in touch with them.Richard Hackey is a fantastic person to work with. He was able to quickly find me locations that would be a good fit for me and fit my somewhat rushed time frame and budget, and he personally took me to them, all on the same day of my call. He is a great person to have around during your on-site apartment hunting, putting so much care into finding you the right place to live, and knowing so much about Austin apartments. He’ll definitely be the person I reach out to for my next move!read more
Jose Roque
13:10 27 Jun 19
I had an amazing experience with Apartment Experts! Loren was awesome and helped me find the perfect apartment within my price range. We did it all in one session too! She had a great list picked out when I got there and we narrowed down from there. We looked at the places left and I fell in love with one of the choices. Loren was so friendly and helpful and listened to all my wants and concerns. I’ll definitely be going back the next time I’m looking for an apartment, and I’ll be sending anyone looking her way!read more
Floyd Barnes
18:39 16 Jun 19
I worked with Jess for a very short, but very effective amount of time! I heard about her from my cousin and then passed her information along to a friend. When Jess and I got in touch I knew exactly what I was looking for and she knew exactly where to look. She was extremely friendly and got me exactly where I wanted to be. At no point during the process did Jess make me feel as though I needed to rush through what we were doing. She ensured that if I didn't like what I saw that she would find the perfect apartment. We had looked at 2 apartments and based on what I was looking at previously, I knew she brought me to the places with the best deals possible. Thank you Jess for your honesty and integrity! You're amazing! Highly recommend her!read more
Kennedy Wischmeyer
19:44 10 Jun 19
I highly recommend working Nick U. Nick phoned every apartment on my list that I wanted to visit and asked for lot of information from the Leasing agents at the apartments. Nick asks about application fees, trash, de-regulated/regulated electricity, and much more. This let’s me see how much money each apartment costs and makes choosing an apartment that much easier. Nick not only found me apartment I really like, but he got me the best deal too. I highly recommend going to this guy.read more
Luis T
22:22 07 Jun 19
My brother and I had a great and fun experience when working with Sue Ellen! She really puts in the time and dedication to making your apartment search a smooth and easy process. She's eager to answer all your questions and reassures you when you're having doubts. I definitely recommend her for your next apartment search!read more
Edith Garcia
16:40 07 Jun 19
I met Bobbi Wysong though Craig list & She was amazing in finding me the PERFECT apt. I wanted to live near Barton Springs & everyone told me that that would be near impossible to find a great place in my price range, but Bobbi was very positive during our computer search. I loved the first one she showed me as it had everything I wanted and more and now I'm all moved in and couldn't be Happier! Thanks Bobbi!!!read more
Valary Alexander
21:34 20 May 19
Working with Sue Ellen was amazing! She is very helpful and mindful of my needs. She is great at communicating, specially in reminding about appointments. She is extremely friendly and very empathetic. Even after I notified her that I was moving out of town, she went out of her way to recommend me a realtor in the city I am moving to!read more
Sara Barriot
19:28 13 May 19
Nick Ulrich provided excellent service, and was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. If you want someone who will dedicate their time, and effort into getting you the apartment that right for you regardless of what the complex is offering him, Nick is your guy. I had previously always tried to find apartments through the various websites, but what those lack is someone on the line talking to these complexes, and working with them to get you the best deal possible. If you're considering using apartmentexperts, I encourage you to give them a shot.read more
Stephen Pitts
17:48 13 May 19
Jess was absolutely amazing to work with! She was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, making the entire process of finding an apartment quick and seamless. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!read more
Connor Roenfeldt
14:20 09 May 19
My experience with Aisha was simple amazing. Her customer service skills were unmatched. Aisha took her time with showing me different locations that matched my interest. With being brand new to Texas, she educated me on the market and helped me find my new home. I would strongly recommend her to ANYONE. Very pleased.read more
Keshiba Barnes
23:26 06 May 19
I worked with Aisha Brown and she was so professional, patient and helpful! We just moved into our apartment and we love it!! I would recommend Aisha to any and everyone! She is a very sweet lady and you can tell she cares about helping her clients! I'm definitely thankful for her expertise and glad for the opportunity to work with her and Apartment Experts!read more
Darian Massegill
13:57 04 May 19
Great service that is a no brainer. The agent Don killed it in finding me the right apartment and somehow got me hooked up with a lease that was a solid 100 dollars under the market rate around here. Highly recommend stoping by their office before going to a leasing office on your ownread more
Tim Rush
18:24 16 Apr 19
Richard was literally the best help anyone could ask for! I was struggling to narrow down apartments that fit my needs on apartment apps and websites. After inquiring with his business, he called me shortly thereafter asking a few questions about my budget, location preferences, and other criteria I wanted. That same day he got back with me with 4 great options after doing extensive research, he sent me info and pics to every location. 3 of these locations I was really interested in viewing, and planned a trip to Austin on Saturday but changed plans on him as the last minute to see them two days earlier on a Thursday instead. He immediately and graciously reached out to each location and was able to show me the apartment I ended up signing a lease with that afternoon. The location only had one room left so I applied that night, was approved on Friday, and signed my lease on Monday! Again, I highly recommend Richard at apartment experts in Austin!read more
22:16 06 Mar 19
Alex Jaffe was amazing. He spent several days working with me relentlessly to find my perfect apartment. He went the extra mile and lined up everything to make apartment hunting a fun experience. He was extremely professional and courteous to my requests, as I was very picky in my specifications for what I needed in my home. He was very accommodating in aiding through the process and filtering through potential matches with me. I can’t recommend him enough.read more
Tyler Dickey
20:45 04 Mar 19
I was truly amazed by the services provided by Richard Hackey from Apartment Experts. Richard made it ridiculously easy for me to find the perfect apartment with all of my nit-picky demands I was looking for.Not only was my agent kind and patient but very knowledgeable and professional. Thanks again for all your help!read more
Erick Maldonado
15:11 04 Mar 19
Donovan Rich with apartment experts helped me find the perfect apartment. With me not having a perfect credit score it was very challenging finding an apartment on my own, Until i went to apartment experts! He is very kind and professional. He always has a smile on his face & he will not give up until you're satisfied with the perfect place. I am very excited to move in! 5 stars for Donovanread more
taylor mays
02:03 27 Feb 19
Russ D helped me find a rental a while back. He was very professional and helpful! Highly recommend if you're looking for a rental.
Drew Hubbeling
18:45 14 Feb 19
Michael Steven helped us find a great place. He spent time with us to narrow down many options. He was fast to respond to our text and emails, even though it was during the Christmas / New Year holiday. We were very picky and he was very patient with our requests.read more
Turbo Teri
02:00 14 Feb 19
Russell at Apartment Experts is the man. He knows his stuff and helped me find the perfect apartment fast. If your looking for an apartment I would highly suggest Russell and Apartment Experts, their service is free and takes away the stress of apartment hunting.read more
Michael Draper
23:07 13 Feb 19
My Name is Mary Allen. My apartment expert was Mrs Richard. I went to two apartment complex and I was denied. In I found him by the the grace of God. I told him my issue in I really thought I wasn't going to be able to get in a place i was already at my deadline in I was working with two different apartment locators. But Mrs Richard research and really helped me find something really at the last minute and I really appreciate him for not giving up on me. I hope y'all really keep him because he's was very professional and knew exactly what he needed to help in my critical Monet I am very grateful for him. Thanks again apartment expert's Mrs Richard is wonderful. Keep him for ever. thanksread more
Mary Allen
19:09 06 Feb 19
Jess was amazing! She was super nice and helpful. She helped me find a place that met all my needs. She made the entire process smooth. I would definitely recommend her to everyone!read more
Alejandra Garza
14:43 06 Feb 19
They found me an amazing apartment cheaper than anything I had looked at previously. Highly recommend
Stuart McNulty
16:03 29 Jan 19
Worked with Melissa Nelson. She was very patient as I am very indecisive with big decisions. She kept coming back with a great list of places. Highly recommend.
Greg Burton
17:23 18 Jan 19
I had the absolute best experience in my short time with this company than any other that I have used. Richard Hackey went above and beyond to find me a place within 30 minutes of calling him. He found me the absolute best deal in the area that I wanted and met every requirement I had for my move (lower price than expected, every single amenity we discussed, quality). I couldn't be happier! I signed the lease an hour later. His professionalism, drive, and genuine concern for his clients make him my top recommendation for anyone looking to relocate in the Austin area.read more
Nathan W
14:54 15 Jan 19
Steve Hadifar was extremely helpful and helped me find my dream apartment in less than a month. He knows the right people and resources to help out whatever a person may be looking for.read more
Justin Enfield
23:00 05 Jan 19
I was incredibly impressed with Michael Steves goal oriented action! He inquired and obtained all of my ideal living arrangements, thoroughly researched and I was moved in very nice apartments in my budget. I definitely recommend Michael with ApartmentExperts!!! 🏆 🥇 💯read more
Becca White
04:47 29 Dec 18
Travis Meador at the North Austin location is phenomenal. I highly recommend him to anyone. Not only did he find several properties meeting my particular needs, was able to save me time and money. His thorough research and extensive knowledge, I was able to secure a lease the same day of my appointment. He stayed with me through the leasing process, past his normal hours, to ensure I got the best deal and my residency was secured. I can’t thank him enough.read more
Jessie Brennan
17:21 03 Dec 18
Wow! Ms. Brittany Lawver knocked it out of the park for us! Home Run! My daughter has been searching for the perfect place to live in Austin for 6 weeks now! We worked with another apartment locator who dropped the ball on us! Not Brittany! We were upfront with a past hurdle that needed to b