Waking up in the Winter: Making it Bearable

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Waking up in the winter can be even harder than the rest of the year.  Who wants to get out of bed onto the cold, cold floor?  Apartment Therapy shares their tips for making it easier to get up on this, Austin’s first truly cold day of the year.
If you drink something the minute you open your eyes, it will get your motor running and wake you up.  A glass of water on your bedside table will do the trick.  Another way to make getting up easier is to program your coffeemaker the night before.  Once the smell reaches your nostrils, you’ll want to get out of bed for a cup of joe.  If that’s not enough, place the coffee pot near your bed so you can enjoy your first cup without leaving the warmth of your covers.  Another beverage tip is to have a glass of water before you turn in.  That way you’ll have to get up and use the restroom first thing.
Do not negotiate with terrorists, aka your brain when you first wake up.  If you’ve decided to get up early in the morning, don’t excuse yourself into pressing snooze repeatedly.  Having something that you want to do waiting for you when you wake up is a great way to make yourself get out of bed.  Whether it’s a special morning ritual like a cup of coffee in bed, a few minutes to read a magazine, or a shower with fancy soap, hopefully it inspire you to get going.
If you do happen to beat your alarm awake, don’t linger in bed.  If you allow yourself to fall back asleep or lie in bed until your alarm, you’ll just feel sleepier than if you’d gotten up when your body wanted you to.  Once you do get up, get active, whether it’s exercise or just jumping around a bit more than usual.  At the very least, move around while still in bed to push yourself up.
Make the first part of your routine jumping in the shower for an instant boost.  Another option is to place your to-do list where you can see it when you wake up so you’ll be inspired to get up and start tackling the mountain of tasks.  Finally, if all else fails, put your alarm clock on the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off.
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