Sharing a Bathroom with a Roommate

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#SharingABathroom can be one of the most difficult parts of living with a roommate.  Ideally, everyone would have their own bathroom, but if it’s just not possible, check out these tips from Ideal Home Garden on sharing a bathroom peacefully.
Use a shower caddy to corral shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in the shower.  Get one with two shelves and you will have separate spaces for both roommates’ shower needs.  Throw away your old used products so they aren’t cluttering up the bathroom.  It seems obvious, but split toilet paper purchasing duty equally, and never leave the bathroom without toilet paper.  Replace the roll if you are the last one to use it.
Share cleaning duties equally by setting up a schedule and taking turns.  Alternatively, if you don’t mind cleaning the bathroom and your roommates up for cleaning the kitchen, you can split responsibilities that way.  Just make sure the amount of work each roommate has is equal.
Wipe down the sink area with a towel after you get ready.  No one likes a wet countertop, so be courteous and leave it dry.  Wash your own towels regularly and gently remind your roomie to do the same.
Finally, don’t monopolize the bathroom.  If you both need the bathroom at the same time in the morning, set a schedule so no one winds up late for work or school.
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