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Renting With Roommates Is A Great Option to Save Money And Get The Apartment You Want!

Is there a downside to roommates?

Depends on the roommate!  Lots of renters think the best thing is to make your friends your roommates, but really what you should be looking for in a roommate is someone who likes to live the same way you do!  It is also  important that you can trust your roommate to pay their share of the bills, rent, deposits and fees.  Remember, your roommates financial responsiblity can actually effect your credit, so choose wisely!  That said, roommates are a great way to share rental expenses, apartment maintenance and even have a friend who is always around!

If you and your roommates are ready to find the perfect apartment to share, our apartment locators are ready to match each of your preferences to the perfect Austin apartment!

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Roommates Should:

Keep Similiar Hours

Have Similiar Attitudes About Overnight Guests

Like A Similiar Cleanliness Level

Agree To The Noise Policy

Agree To TV Times (if you own one)

Both Have The Financial Ability To Pay Their Portion

Agree Ahead Of Time To The Sharing of Bills

Agree To Who / How Each Bill Gets Paid Each Month

Agree To The Rent Split & How It’s Paid

Roommates Share:

The Rent

Utility Bills

Cable & Internet Bills

The Kitchen, Living & Dining

Apartment Chores

Possibly A Bathroom

Possibly A Room

The Roommate Rent Equation Example:

Single Bedroom / Single Renter:

Rent – $1000
Cable & Internet – $100
Utilities – $100
Personal Groceries – $300

Total: $1500 / mo / renter

2 Bedroom / 2 Renters:

Rent – $1500
Cable & Internet – $100
Utilities – $120
Shared Groceries – $400

Total: $1060/mo/renter

3 Bedroom / 3 Renters:

Rent – $2000
Cable & Internet – $100
Utilities – $140
Shared Groceries – $500

Total: $913/mo/renter

And that is when each renter gets their own bedroom. Some things that will go into how the rent is split is whether certain roommates share a room while others don’t, whether certain roommates share a bathroom while others don’t, if certain services are specific to one roommate and whether you choose to share costs like groceries and cleaning supplies. Regardless of how you split it, you can save signficant money each month on rent and expenses with a single roommate and incrementally more with multiple roommates!

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Like The Idea of Roommate, But Don’t Have Anyone In Mind? Try A Roommate Matching Service!

*Full Disclosure – We haven’t tried any of these services, so we can’t endorse any specific one.  Nor do we have any sort of relationship with any of these services.  These are just examples of some of the roommate matching services available online.  There are plenty more where these came from!

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