Redecorate Cheaply Using What You Have

by | Apr 2, 2012 | Apartment Decorating | 0 comments

Redecorate cheaply with these tips from Apartment Therapy.com.  Perhaps you’re tired of your furnishings, but spending money on new furniture isn’t in the cards for whatever reason.  There are several ways you can make the most of what you have.

Use throw blankets or fabric to breathe new life into your sofas or chairs, by either just putting a colorful throw down the middle or even covering the entire piece.  Freshen up a table you don’t like or that you’re just tired of by covering it with a tablecloth or table skirt or even just a scrap piece of fabric left over from an old project.  If your tablecloth isn’t large enough to reach the floor, just cover the table top for a unique statement.

Use your books to create vignettes and tablescapes.  You can take stacks of books of varying heights and place an interesting object on top of them to create visual interest, or stack books with colorful spines for a fun, funky statement.  Another interesting way to mix things up is to hang your artwork in unusual ways.  Hang frames on a bookshelf or in front of a wall of fabric, or lean them on top of a table or even on the floor to keep the eye moving around the room.

Finally, try giving old furniture brand new life by changing what room it lives in.  Use a bedside table as an end table in the living room or place your task lamp from your desk in your bedroom to give it an industrial edge.  So there you have it, you can mix up the decor in your apartment without spending a dime!

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