Outfit Your First Kitchen for Less than $200

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Outfitting your first kitchen can be expensive and overwhelming.  Zillow tells you exactly what you’ll need to get started cooking in your first apartment and it won’t cost more than $200.
 A saute pan is a must, which usually costs around $45.  Choose an all-metal pan so you can use it in the stovetop and oven and one with a heavy bottom so your food won’t burn.  As far as knives, you need a sharp 8-inch “stamped” chef’s knife, meaning the blade is machine-stamped.  Choose a wood or plastic handle and go ahead and spring for a paring knife while you’re at it.  These knives together should cost you about $40 online.
 A stockpot is essential and can be used to make soup or to boil water for pasta or veggies.  You should be able to find a good one for $25.  Throw in a smaller lidded saucepan with a handle for approximately $15.  For $10, you can pick up a cutting board.  Just don’t choose glass, stone or anything super hard because the surface isn’t good for your knives.
 For $5, get a strainer or colander and a baking sheet and a wire rack for $30 total.  Just be sure your baking sheet will fit in your oven!  Wooden spoons have a whole slew of uses and can be found in sets of three for $15 on the web.  Lastly, pick up a pair of 10-12 inch tongs for $10.  Bon Appetit!
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