Organizing Your Desk: 3 Free Things You can Do Today

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Apartment Decorating | 0 comments

Organizing your desk doesn’t have to be a chore or involve spending a lot of money on fancy organizers.  With Apartment Therapy’s help, you can have a cleaned off desk and get a fresh start on work.
First of all, go through your office supplies and give what you don’t need away.  Office supplies can seem to multiply, so go through all your writing utensils and pick out just ten of them that you really like and use all the time.  Give the rest away to the library or a school.  They will really appreciate the chance to stretch their meager budgets by using your hand-me-downs!
Second, convert your physical file cabinet to a digital one.  Sit down in front of that monstrosity and shred anything you no longer need to hold onto.  Good Housekeepinghas a great article on how long to keep records.  Anything you need to keep, scan and place it in a folder on your computer named “File Cabinet”.  Inside that main file, create subfolders for your financial information, vehicles, insurance, etc.  Be sure to back up this file to an external hard drive or Google Drive.
Finally, stop all that junk mail from coming into your apartment and piling up by using the Federal Trade Commission’s resource for stopping almost all unsolicited mail.    This includes credit card and insurance offers and other junk mail.
That’s it!  Now enjoy your clean desk.

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