Must Haves For Renters In Pet Friendly Apartments

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If you are an animal lover, we know that your pet is like family to you. Whether you are a first time, or a long time pet owner, making sure they have a place in your apartment is one of your top priorities. How can you protect your rental carpet from the inevitable spills and accidents that are bound to happen when owning a pet?  Check out these 3 must haves to keep your carpet stain free in pet friendly apartments!


 1. Pet Stain remover – it’s your best friend

A good pet stain remover will not only break down and remove the stain, but the smell as well. The main ingredient a stain remover needs in order to do this is live enzymes.  A well reviewed product that is an effective enzymatic cleaner is Clorox Urine Remover.  Keep a bottle on hand in the areas of your apartment where you’ll need it most and you will be one step ahead of the game.

2. Throw rugs – budget friendly is best

No need to go out and purchase the most expensive area carpet or throw rug you can find. When it comes to owning a pet, the cheaper options to protect your carpet are the better ones. Go to your local discounted home goods store and grab a few throw rugs you can place around different areas of your apartment. When they have served their time, simply discard them.

Lots of stores have affordable rugs. For example, At Home which has locations in Cedar Park and South Austin has a rug selection ranging from $4 to more than $100.

3. Vacuum – the more the better

Dirt and pet hair that is allowed to build up over time becomes hard to remove and ends up damaging your carpet in the long run. As a renter, pet friendly apartments still require clean carpets to get your deposit back.  A way to ensure this is simply to vacuum more often. Aim for a couple of times a week and you will be keeping your carpet in tip top shape.



Did you find these tips helpful to keep your pet-friendly carpet stain free? We hope so! We love helping you find solutions to the common challenges you face when renting an apartment. If you are currently looking for a new apartment to call home, Apartment Experts would love to help you with that too! We have been leading the way in apartment locating here in Austin for almost 20 years. Our expert apartment locators answer phones 7 days a week and our locating service is free of charge. Call 512 339 4411 today!

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