Impromptu Holiday Baking: Is Your Kitchen Ready?

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Renting 101 | 0 comments

Impromptu holiday baking can strike at any time now that jingle bells are in the air.  Even those of us who barely touch flour the rest of the year are ready to get knee-deep in sugar, icing, and cookie cutters once the tree goes up.  The Kitchn makes sure your apartment is ready for baking at a moment’s notice.
 First, make sure you have plenty of parchment paper, even more than you expect to use, so you don’t wind up at the store trying to find it late at night to finish a huge project.  Next, make sure you’ve got all the seasonal spices fresh at hand.  Cinnamon from the Carter administration is not going to be too tasty in those pies and cakes, so stock up on some fresh stuff.
Sugar cookies are fun to decorate, but no one says that making the dough is their favorite part.  Now’s the time to go ahead and make dough and put it in the freezer so when the decorating mood strikes, you’ll be prepared.  This is an especially fun activity to do with the kiddos once they’re out of school, and they will definitely get impatient if they have to wait for you to mix the dough!
Make sure you’ve got a plethora of cookie decorations or throw a few new ones in your cart next time you visit the grocery store.  Nothing’s worse than having those beautiful cookies all iced and ready to go when you realize that you’re out of sprinkles.  Finally, make sure you’ve got the tools you need:  9×5 loaf pan, a glass pie pan, cookie cutters, rimmed baking sheets and a rolling pin.  Happy baking!

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