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This month, we’re going to be profiling Hutto, Texas, a suburb of Austin Texas.  This rapidly growing town is located 11 miles East of Round Rock and 22 miles Northeast of Austin. Hutto has been growing rapidly over the last decade or so, from just over 1,000 people in 2000, to 14,698 by the 2010 census.
Hutto was established in 1876, when the International-Great Northern Railroad passed through the land of Hutto’s namesake, James Emory Hutto.  Shortly after, many more families, mostly Swedish and German immigrants, arrived in Hutto via the railroad to farm and ranch.
The sports teams in Hutto are the Hippos, and the story is that in 1915 when a circus train stopped at the depot, a hippopotamus escaped from the train.  He headed straight for Cottonwood Creek and began to enjoy himself in its muddy waters.  Eventually, the hippo was coaxed to leave the mud and return to the train car.  It wasn’t too long after that when the Hutto School adopted the hippopotamus as its mascot.

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