Finding a Great School In an Affordable Neighborhood

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Most people think you have to live in an expensive neighborhood to have your kids in a “good” school.  However, Zillow.com’s advice helps you dig a little deeper and discover the perfect school for your children without paying a lot for rent.
Rather than telling your real estate agent or apartment locator you want a “good school”, figure out what is most important for your kid.  Is your kid excellent at math?  Rather than looking at overall test scores, look at how many Advanced Placement (AP) math classes a school offers.  Or if your child is a violin virtuoso, look for a school with a robust orchestra.  Foscu on the best school for your child rather than the one with the best reputation.
School reviews can be biased either for or against the schools, so do research online on school performance and class sizes.  Then go and visit the school to get a feel for it.  Sit in on classes, check out the activities available, see how the kids seem to be doing to form your own opinion.
Ask your agent for the names and contact information of parents in the area whose children attend the schools you are considering.  Then you can talk to them and get a real firsthand report of how life in the school is.
Make sure your apartment search is by the school district you want to be in, not by the town.  Boundaries are different, and you may be able to find an #apartment with a lower rent that is still in your desired district, but not in the hottest part of town.
Finally, find out what neighborhoods are super hot and try to find another neighborhood where you can get a better deal, but still attend your desired school.
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