Exchanging Gifts with Your Roommates

by | Dec 11, 2012 | Renting 101 | 0 comments

Exchanging presents with your roommates can be tricky if you don’t decide how to go about it beforehand.  It’s important that both you and your roommates are on the same page when it comes to holiday gift exchanges.  Zillow’s tips will help you spread holiday cheer and keep your roomie relationship intact.
First of all, discuss whether you will do a gift exchange with your roommates.  If you aren’t that close or have more of a business than a personal relationship, presents may not make sense.  Or if the holidays have got all of you running ragged, one more holiday celebration may seem like more work than fun.  So go ahead and discuss the plan with your roommate so you don’t run into the embarrassing situation where one roommate gives something and the other doesn’t.
It may sound silly, but setting up rules for exchanging gifts will make the process smooth and enjoyable.  If you have several roommates, it probably makes sense to draw names or do a “Secret Santa” type gift exchange.  Or perhaps you could go the fun route and do a White Elephant exchange.  No matter how you decide to go about gifting, be sure to set up a price range so presents aren’t wildly uneven.
Turn your roomie gift exchange into an event, whether it’s going out to dinner together and exchanging them or just popping open a bottle of wine after you give your presents.  Another option is to all chip in together and buy something you’d all like to have for the apartment.

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