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On a budget?  How about a budget of zero?  Check out Apartment Therapy’s guide to decorating your place for little money without it looking cheap.
Take a look at your layout and maximize it first. It costs nothing to move furniture around after all.  Make sure you center your grouping around a focal point like a large piece of art or a fireplace.
Make your current belongings work for you, even if it means removing or replacing outdated hardware or other decorative details, refinishing pieces to match each other, or painting using “oops” paint from the hardware store (or local Habitat Restore).
Create your own canvas and paint a piece of abstract art yourself.  Find something you like online and try to emulate it in colors that match your decor for a fun, personalized, and cheap piece of art.
Don’t have money to buy large houseplants?  Use seeds or small versions of the plants you love to grow a plant the size you want.  If friends have succulents you admire, ask if you can have a cutting and grow your own.  Think volume, not size, and your place will be a green oasis in no time!
Need help finding a space that will allow you to showcase your thrifty creative side?  Give Apartment Experts North a call today at 512-339-4411.

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