Creating an On-The-Go Office

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Most of us have a home office or at least a small space where we can get work done without leaving our apartment.  Sometimes, however, you have to get out and do your work.  The Unclutterer helps you make sure you have everything you need to make working away from home as productive as possible.
Determine what computer equipment you need to bring with you, which will probably be a laptop.  However, don’t forget to bring a charger for your laptop and your phone so you don’t run out of juice on either one.  Better yet, keep an extra plug for each in your laptop bag so you’re always prepared.  For your phone, you can just use a USB adapter and plug it into your laptop to charge.  A notepad and pen are also a good idea to have along, especially if you prefer to write down ideas and notes rather than type them.
Other items that are nice to have when working in public?  Some cash prevents you from falling prey to coffee shops that require a minimum purchase to use a credit card, and makes it easy to tip the friendly staff that lets you hang out and use the wi-fi for a few hours.
A power strip, while not necessary, will make everyone around you grateful when you sit down at a shared table with not enough power outlets.  That way everyone can share the limited electricity sources.
Finally, a pair of headphones is great, even if you aren’t going to actually listen to music.  It says to those around you that you are working and aren’t up for a chat.
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