Cheap Decor Items Tricks that Make a Big Impact

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Apartment Decorating | 0 comments

Want to spruce up your apartment, but don’t have extra dough lying around?  Check out Apartment Therapy’s suggestion for low-cost decor that will make a big impression for a little price.
Mismatched design elements, like dining chairs that are all different, give your space a lot of personality, plus it doesn’t cost much because you can pull together the look with found objects without spending a lot of money on a matching set.
A large wall collage makes a lot of visual impact and can even be achieved using thrift store art!  There are lots of ways to add your own touches if you feel odd just throwing up resale shop art pieces.
Unique designs on a wall can make a big impact.  Paint is a great, inexpensive way to achieve this, but if you can’t paint, try removable wall paper or other ways to add pattern to your walls.
Putting art in the kitchen is totally unexpected and can be achieved by moving around pieces you already have or using those thrift store pieces.
Hallways are often neglected, but by decorating them as well, you can make things a lot more interesting.  You could use an art wall, add furniture, a bench or plants, whatever strikes your fancy.
Adding things up high, on the ceiling, will instantly impress, whether it’s a coat of paint, a mobile, or even a hanging plant.
An unusual bathroom mirror can also do wonders for your decor.  Replace the standard one you have, or if your landlord won’t let you, try adding a frame to add the drama factor.
Clusters of pendants, even DIY ones, add light and whimsy to a space and are usually much cheaper than one big light or other object.
Finally, even your clothes could work as decor.  Have an interesting shoe collection?  Line them up on a bookshelf.  Vintage dresses?  Hang them from the walls.  Anything that marks your space as yours.
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