Apps To Furnish Your Living Room For Under $1000

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Renting an apartment can be a very convenient option if you are saving for a home, going to college, or trying out a new job in a new city. All of which require working within a budget. We know that furnishing your place is no exception to your set income, which is why it can sometimes be a frustrating process. The good news is technology is making it easier to find quality furniture at a good price. Check out the apps below for some of the best options on the market for getting you connected to excellent and affordable furniture in your area!
  1. Offer up – This app is free to download, and upon sign up asks you in a how many mile radius you want your search to go. Meaning you will only see the options that are convenient for you to purchase. There is a rating system on the app, so you can get an idea what sellers you want to purchase from. You can pay the price requested, or you can put a bid in for a lower price. All communication is done through the app, which means that you don’t get pesky emails cluttering up your inbox. Your phone will simply send you a notification when a seller has responded to you.
  2. 5 Miles App – This app is described by being a garage sale without the hastle. We all know you can find good quality furniture at a great price during garage sale season. Yet this app goes all year round. Some features of the app include the option to choose how many miles from home you want the app to search in and the ability to offer a lower price than the price listed
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We hope you find these apps useful in finding furniture in your budget and area! If you are looking for an apartment in a certain price range and location, give us a call at 512 318 2504. One of our seasoned apartment locators will find you a home in no time. And the service is free to you!

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