What’s Next for Austin’s Mobility Bond?

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Austin News | 0 comments

Austin voters approved Prop 1, the mobility bond.  Now the question is:  what next?  The Austin Monitor reports on the next steps for implementing the massive $720 million bond package.

The bond has three main sections:  $482 million for major corridors, $137 million for pedestrian and bike improvements like sidewalks and expansion of off-street trails and bike lanes, and $101 million for regional highway projects.  It is expected to take eight years from when work begins to finish all the projects.

Despite the bond’s size, it still won’t be enough to fulfill all the projects needed for the Austin area, but mayor Steve Adler hopes that the enhancements that are included will improve traffic flow and make alternative modes of transportation easier to use for more people.

The major corridors will see additions like having medians with cutouts for left turns instead of center turn lanes, upgrading signal technology, adding bike lanes, widening sidewalks, and possibly adding dedicated bus lanes in some areas.

The city put out a memo explaining that they will soon be hiring a Corridor Consultant and  design and engineering will begin on projects for the corridor construction.

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