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Understanding the Austin Loft

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When searching for an apartment or condo, often you may hear the concept of a “loft” chosen to describe a rental you’re deliberating on. Many people think they understand exactly what a “loft” is, and yet does this specific label always have a similar meaning? The short response is No, exactly what Austin, Tx apartment rentals refer to as a loft may have an extremely different atmosphere than what Seattle apartments refer to as a loft and so on.

Using the strictest technical terms the word “loft” is classified:

Loft: -Noun:

1. An top floor of a  building, storage place, or manufacturing facility, typically consisting of wide open, non partitioned  area.

2. A terrace or platform constructed spanning a living room and used particularly for sleeping.
Based on which area of the country that you are coming from, even which part of the planet, you probably identify a loft using the first definition. The idea that comes to mind with this example would be the movie “Ghost”, which shows a Chicago-style loft which feels like a warehouse, with open-exposed supports, brick wall surfaces, towering ceilings and plenty of windows. With this thought in your mind you may be greatly disappointed when you arrive at the apartment to discover that the majority of lofts don’t resemble that after all.

Austin, Texas apartments just don’t usually tend towards the Chicago-style lofts. There are just a handful, typically near downtown, but they are as a rule harder to find and will definitely run a tenant more than $2.00 per square foot.

The typical Austin, Texas rental loft space is commonly a floor plan style, much like classification #2. It is almost always two floors and usually, the bedroom or an office/entertainment space is located on the second floor. That floor is separated off from the room or space below with either a half wall or railing looking over the living space.

About the primary thing this loft could have that is similar to the loft a lot of people envision is the tall ceilings required to allow for the second story. Even though it still has an open floor plan which often seems large, you won’t find most of the other warehouse style features like exposed brick, exposed ceiling supports, intricate columns or widespread windows.

Some things to take into account when leasing a loft are utilities and privacy. The taller the ceiling, the greater the area to cool, therefore the higher your utility bills. This is valid during the cold months as well as warmth rises and it will take a lot more to warm your place. Privacy might be an issue if you’re with the loft as your bedroom, or as a supplementary bedroom. If the loft is a one bedroom unit and you’re considering using the loft like a extra bedroom, there will typically be one restroom, which is often found in the proper bedroom.
Lofts can be a fantastic method to achieve additional living area and an appealing architectural element. No matter whether you prefer the Chicago-style or perhaps the more basic lofts, there is an rental that can meet your requirements.

If you prefer a loft, be sure to let your apartment locator know, so that they can adjust their search accordingly!  Happy hunting!

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