Tourism in Texas Pumps Billions Into Economy

by | May 8, 2012 | Austin Events | 0 comments

Tourism in Texas is a huge industry and boosts our economy massively, The San Marcos Record reports.  To mark National Travel Tourism Week, the San Marcos Convention and Visitor Bureau hosted a lunch Friday that included a portion where local experts spoke about local travel and tourism.

The Premium Outlet Malls, located just south of San Marcos, pay nearly $5 million per year in taxes and also draw a lot of international tourists looking to bring gifts to their families back at home or just shopping as a tourist activity.

Embassy Suites’ General Manager Tom Pugh spoke about how the hotel has 145-165 employees and an annual payroll of nearly $5 million.  Not only does this money get put back into the local economy when employees purchase needed goods and services, but the hospitality industry is a great place for someone to start in an entry level position with a lot of opportunity for growth.  Mr. Pugh also said that Embassy Suites contributes to the local economy in the form of property taxes and utility bills to the tune of $1.4 million.

Lions Club tube rental co-chair, Mike Rhoades, spoke of the economic benefits of non-profits, even though they don’t pay taxes.  Mr. Rhodes said, “ninety eight percent of the tube rental money stays in our community”.  The Lions Club also has a concessions trailer that gives 75 percent of its revenue to the Parks and Recreation Department to preserve the river.  He also spoke of the non-economic benefits, such as when students from the Texas School for the Blind went floating for the first time.  It was the first time many of the students had ever been in a river and the joy on their faces made him feel blessed.

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