Toll Lanes Coming to North Mopac

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Austin News | 0 comments

Toll lanes are coming to North MoPac, Statesman.com reports.  Express Toll Lanes will be added to either side of Loop 1 for 11 miles from just north of Lady Bird Lake to Parmer Lane.
The other three lanes on both the Northbound and Southbound sides of MoPac will remain free to drive, but the new lanes will have “dynamic tolling”, and the price will change based on the speed of traffic.  In other words, if there are so many cars in the express toll lanes that speed decreases, the toll rate will go up to keep some people from using it, so the speed will remain 50 mph or above.  There will be no upper limit to the toll rate.
The lanes aren’t due to open until late 2015 or early 2016, but construction will begin around June of 2013.  The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority will select a design and construction firm by early next year and says they will keep the existing lanes of traffic open during construction and do work mostly at night.  However, there is still a good chance alternative roads will see increases in traffic.
The mobility authority is in the preliminary stages of planning to add express toll lanes in the center median of the south end of MoPac from West Cesar Chavez to Slaughter Lane.  Transportation plans have toll lanes proposed for U.S. 183 and Parmer Lane from MoPac to Texas 45 North, and on I-35 from Round Rock to Slaughter.
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