Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Moving into a new apartment and not sure how to organize your kitchen cabinets?  Check out Apartment Therapy’s tips (gleaned from the author’s often-moving parents), and get a fully organized, easy to use kitchen in no time!
Keep like items with like items.  This can either mean that all the cereal bowls are together and all the wine glasses are together, or it can mean that your entire set of Fiestaware is together and your entire set of china is together.  Think about how you use your kitchen and organize it accordingly.
One exception to this rule is that it’s a good idea to group items by function.  For example, if the only time of day that your cereal bowls and coffee mugs see any use is first thing in the morning, it might be a better idea to keep them near the coffeemaker, along with all the supplies you’ll need for a good cup of joe.
Open shelving has become much more popular lately, and with good reason: if you can see things, you are much more
likely to use them.  Even if you don’t want to go as far as open shelving, keeping things that otherwise you’d only use occasionally, such as serving bowls, platters, and cake stands, out on the counter means they’ll get more use and you can enjoy them more.  Display fruit in a pretty serving bowl on a cake stand and your once a year items can bring you joy everyday!
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