Things You Aren’t Cleaning, But Should Be

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Apartment Therapy has a round-up of places you should be cleaning, but probably never get around to.  Check it out and get inspired to get your #apartment down to the baseboards clean.
Overhead light fixtures collect bugs and dust, but you may miss them because they are so high up.  Make sure to clean chandeliers and ceiling lights regularly.
Shower Curtains and liners should also be cleaned occasionally to remove mold and stains.  They can usually just be thrown in the washing machine (although plastic shouldn’t go in the dryer, of course).
The crevice between the counter and the stove can be a black hole of crumbs and gunk.  Clean it using something small that can fit in the cracks like a chopstick or one of the fake credit cards that come in the mail or buy a plastic strip that goes between the two and prevents crumbs from getting lodged in there in the first place.
Salt and Pepper shakers are another thing you’ve probably never thought of cleaning, but they definitely should be emptied, washed out and left to air dry a few times a year.
Remote controls should be wiped free of fingerprints and residue every once in a while.
Indoor plants can get super dusty, so wipe off their leaves every once in a while.  Here is more information than you ever wanted to know about how to keep a plant clean.
Finally, ceiling fans can get tons of dust on the blades that then gets distributed around the room when the fan is on.  Try using a pillowcase and wipe off the blade with the inside of the pillowcase.  All the dust will stay inside and not all over your room.  After you’re done, empty the case out outside and then wash it in the washer!
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