Things To Think About When Deciding To Rent

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There are several points you should consider when deciding to rent. The Texas Apartment Association provides some great advice on this subject. Of course the best way to go about renting is to contact us, we can help you find just the right place!

  • Set a budget you can afford. Don’t forget that you may need to pay for utilities and other items not included in your rent. Many properties will not approve you as a resident if you’d have to spend more than a third of your gross income on the rent.
  • Check out your credit record with a report from a consumer reporting agency (credit bureau), and clear up any problems or mistakes on your record before you fill out a rental application.
  • If you are under 18, a student, or you don’t have enough income to qualify to pay the rent, you may be asked to secure a “guarantor.” A guarantor is usually a parent, relative or employer who will agree to pay your rent if you do not. The guarantor is not someone who will live with you.
  • Make a list of what you are looking for in your new home, including the kinds of features that will make you feel comfortable with your choice. Use your list to check out the rental housing you’re considering.
  • Look over any property you’re considering and see how well it is maintained. That will give you some indication of how well the property is managed and cared for.
  • If you’re considering an apartment or multi-unit property, talk to some of the existing residents about their experiences with the property. Ask how satisfied they are with the property, how repairs or other problems have been handled, and if they would recommend the property to their friends.
  • Visit the places you’re considering at night, to see if they look well lit. Compare them to similar properties in the neighborhood.
  • Drive around the neighborhood you’re considering, and look at the other rental properties available.
  • Ask the leasing agent or the owner or manager of the property how emergencies are handled, and how any crime or safety concerns are communicated to residents.

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