Things to Consider Before Getting Rid of a Piece of Furniture

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Apartment Decorating | 0 comments

Before you get rid of that end table you’re tired of, take a moment to think of whether it can be used in another way.  Check out Apartment Therapy’s checklist before you kick your couch to the curb.
What if you moved the piece of furniture to another room and used it in a different way?  Maybe you don’t need that end table in the living room, but it would make a great bedside table in your bedroom.  You’ve just kept something out of the landfill and saved some money!
What about changing the color using paint or adding different legs?  Maybe using new knobs and handles will be enough to make you see the furniture in a completely different light.
Can you dissemble the furniture and use the various pieces for other projects?  What about turning a worn-out coffee table into a bench with a cushion and some new legs?  Or if a dresser has seem better days, but the drawers are still good, paint them, add some legs, and then make it a side table.
Is your piece of furniture in good enough shape to sell on Craigslist or in a garage sale?  Whatever you make from the sale can be put towards a replacement.
Do you have space to keep it in anticipation of possibly needing it in the future?  Especially if it’s a classic shape, it might be a good idea to hold onto it.  Perhaps you’ll find yourself missing it later, or handing it off to someone you know who needs it in the future.
If you’ve thought about all these options and there’s still no reason to keep it, donate it to Goodwill or Salvation Army for someone else to use it.
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