The Clutter Top 10

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The clutter top 10 are the most likely sources of disorder in your apartment or house.  The most likely culprits for why you  keep things you really don’t need are sentimental attachment, you love a bargain so you welcome free or very cheap purchases, or you just aren’t sure when it’s okay to get rid of something.  About.com helps you identify the sources of your mess and get rid of it.

If something is free or very cheap, but you won’t use it and it will just take up space in your home, just say no.  “But it’s free” is not justification for taking an object home.  Also, if you subscribe to a lot of magazines and have trouble getting rid of them, follow the “3 months rule”.  If you’ve had an issue 3 months and haven’t read it, you probably aren’t going to.  Recycle it or pass it on to a friend.

Tupperware, jars and other plastic containers missing lids can pile up and take up valuable real estate in your kitchen.  The solution is to keep a top or bottom without a match for a week.  If its mate doesn’t show up, throw it in the recycling bin.

In your closet, only hold on to things you really love.  With purses and shoes that you haven’t worn in a while, put them in a box in your basement or attic.  If you don’t go grab the accessory within six months, take it to your local charity.  With clothing, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or isn’t fashionable anymore.  A tip is to turn all your hangers backwards and as you wear something, turn the hanger the other way.  At the end of 6 months or a year, you should donate all the stuff that hasn’t been turned.  It’s just wasting valuable closet real estate.

Socks that are missing their mate are one of those mysterious phenomena no one can explain like the Bermuda Triangle.  In fact, maybe that’s where the other sock winds up!  Place a small bin on top of your dryer.  Put mate-less socks in there and if the match doesn’t show up in a week, throw the singles out or use them to polish furniture.  Freebie t-shirts can also pile up quickly.  Nip those in the bud by telling organizers of any charity events you participate in that you don’t want the shirts in the first place.  You’ll save them money and keep clutter out of your house!

Old medicines, make-ups and other toiletries should be thrown away once they reach their expiration date.  If there isn’t an expiration date on the bottle, toss them when they change smell, color or consistency.  You can place hotel sized toiletries in the guest bathroom for visitors to use.

Finally, wire dry-cleaner hangers are terrible for your clothes and plastic bags should not be kept on your clothes once they arrive home.  The solution is to take your own hanger to the dry cleaners and to ask that your clothes not be put in plastic.  Then when you get home you can simply hang the item up in your closet immediately!

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