Styling Tricks that Don’t Cost a Thing

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Sometimes we want to switch up the look of a room in our apartments, but there isn’t any money in the budget to buy new things.  With Apartment Therapy’s tips, you don’t have to!
Rearranging the furniture in a room can have a big impact on design without costing a dime!  Try moving the bed to a different wall in the bedroom, or getting the couch away from the walls in the living room.
Eliminate the matchy-matchy feel of pairs like matching end tables and lamps by using them in different rooms.  For example, move your end table to your bedroom as a nightstand and move your nightstand to the living room.
Borrow accessories, and even furniture, from different rooms.  That throw pillow on your couch might look great on your bed, and the rug in the living room could be the perfect thing to tie together the dining room.
Regroup decorative items like vases, books, plants, etc.  Also, don’t be afraid to use things like mixing bowls as accessories, or vintage glasses to hold flowers and trinkets around the house.  Group items in odd numbers for the best effect.
Most rooms look better when you take things out of them rather than adding to them.  Take everything but the basics out of a room, and then add back in items one at a time to see if you really need all that stuff.  Take pictures so you can remember exactly what the room looks like at each stage and add and subtract as needed.
A more dramatic difference can be made by changing how rooms are used.  Maybe your dining room would be a better living room or you office would be a better bedroom.  Go ahead and mix it up!
Have you tried all these tricks and still come to the conclusion that you need a new apartment?  Apartment Experts North can help!  Give us a call today at 512-339-4411!

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