Steps for a Clutter-Free Life

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Trying to de-clutter your life?  Check out Apartment Therapy’s 10 Commandments of a clutter-free life and learn how to make your home a peaceful, organized place to be.
First of all, live within your means.  In other words, let your home’s size control how much stuff you have.  If you’re constantly cursing your small closet, go through your clothes and decide what you really and truly want and only keep what will fit in your space.
Go through your belongings and get rid of the stuff you don’t use anymore at least once a year.  For everything that you do keep, make sure it has a dedicated place to live. Don’t have places for everything?  Get some more storage space in the form of clear plastic boxes, a filing cabinet, or maybe a dresser with lots of drawers.  However, don’t be afraid to keep a junk drawer for the odds and ends that just don’t go anywhere.
Make putting things away as soon as you use them a habit.  In the end, it takes much less time to put things up where they belong the first time than procrastinating.  At first it will be a struggle, but soon your home’s clean state will drive you to keep things neat.  Of course, if you aren’t storing things where you use them, you probably won’t put them up. So make sure their storage place and where they are used are in close proximity.
Have a place to put things that come into your home as soon as you walk in the door with a landing strip.  This way you can sort and store or recycle mail the first time you touch it.  Of course, going paper-free can make your life much less messy, so consider if you even need the object in the first place, and start scanning all your files so you don’t have to store all that paper.
Despite the fact that advertisers would have us believe otherwise, remember life is about experiences, not things.  The next time you start debating whether you want to gather more belongings, think about whether that cash might be better used to save for a vacation or a fancy dinner out.  Plus, experiences don’t take any space to store!
Go easy on yourself.  If you fail in your quest for organization, just try again!  It’s never too late to de-clutter and it’s a constant state of work.
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