Soundproof Your Rental Bedroom

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Apartment Decorating | 0 comments

Live with roommates and want to try to prevent some of the noise bleed between bedrooms?  Check out this quick and cheap soundproofing tip from Apartment Therapy.
Purchase a vinyl top threshold with aluminum casing and a 1/2″ wide adhesive weather strip.  Make sure to measure your door first so you get the correct size.
Wedge the threshold between your door jamb under your door.  It should fit without having to be attached in any way.
Take the adhesive weather strip, peel off the back, and stick it around the door frame.  When your door is closed, it will seal the gap between your door and the frame.
This should cut down on some of the sound bleed between you and any other inhabitants of your house so everyone can have more privacy!
Tried the door solution, but it’s not enough?  Need help finding an #apartment with a great roommate plan or condo construction?  Perhaps it’s time for a one bedroom so you can live solo?  No matter where you want to live, Apartment Experts South can help, give us a call today at 512-416-8100.

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