Shopping in Your Roommate’s Closet

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#SharingClothes with a roommate can be a great way to double your wardrobe, but it can also cause a lot of tension in your #apartment if you don’t set some rules.  Seventeen.com offers advice for how to share clothes with a roomie while keeping everyone happy.
The first rule of sharing a closet?  Make sure your roommate is okay with it!  Always ask first and if she declares some things off limits, respect her wishes.
If you guys do agree to share clothes with one another, borrow one thing at a time and always put it back where you found it, in the condition in which you found it (aka clean).  Don’t ever loan things to other people and treat your roommate’s belongings even more nicely than you would your own stuff.
A great way to make sure things are easy to find for both parties is to keep everything organized.  Use jewelry and scarf organizers, and separate clothes by type so they can be found quickly and easily.
Don’t ever wear clothes that you could stretch out because you and your roommate have different body types.  But don’t fret if you and your roomie don’t wear the same size.  Accessories can still be shared!
Finally, don’t wear her clothing where you know it’s going to get ruined, like a party.  Respect your roommate’s stuff and you can both enjoy a fashionable existence for the whole term of your lease!
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