Secret Storage Spots

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If you live in a small space, you know you need every single inch for storage.  But have you been taking advantage of all the unused space in your #apartment?  Read on for Apartment Therapy’s list of surprising storage spots you probably aren’t using.
Even the tiniest of bathrooms usually has space next to the toilet.  This is a great place to put a very thin cabinet with drawers for storing toiletries and other bathroom items.
The space between your cabinets and the ceiling are another unused storage space.  You can use baskets to corral things like wine or place little used serving dishes above your cabinets.
Don’t neglect the space under shelves as a place to store things too.  You can hang wine-glass racks, baskets, boxes and many other things from shelves and under cabinets.
By adding shelves above your doors, you can store even more things like books, shoes, towels, etc.
Doors themselves are another location for more storage.  You can use over-the-door shoe hangers, baskets that mount to the door and more.
Kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors are an often overlooked place to keep things.  Use nails or hooks to hang measuring spoons or cups in the kitchen and hair dryers and toiletries in the bathroom.
Finally, wall mounted shelves can be placed above furniture from desks to dressers to keep even more things.
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