Round Rock Limiting the Number of Bars Downtown

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Austin News | 0 comments

The Round Rock City Council is considering passing an ordinance that would limit the number of bars that could be downtown to 12, the Austin Business Journal reports.

The ordinance, in addition to only allowing 12 bars downtown, wouldn’t allow more than 4 bars on one street.  It passed on its first reading and will face a second vote before it can go into law.

Currently there are ten establishments that are bars according to Round Rock’s definition, meaning they sell alcohol and don’t have a commercial kitchen.  In addition, any facade that is longer than 200 feet counts as two bars.  There’s already an 11th bar in the works.

Some area residents complain about the extra traffic and noise these bars create and would like the city to limit the number even further.

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