Roommates: Yay or Nay?

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The roommate decision can be a very difficult one.  Deciding whether you want to live alone or with others is a very individual decision and one that you should think long and hard on before you start trying to find a new apartmentAbout.com has some suggestions for some helpful issues to consider when making the decision.

There are lots of good reasons to have a roommate.  One of the most basic reasons is that you don’t have to worry about being lonely.  Having another person living in the house, whether it be a friend or just an aquaintance, can stave off loneliness.  It can also be convenient to have a housemate because they can do things like give your dog food or your plants water when you aren’t around.  If you’re on vacation, a roommate can also tell you about any important mail or messages you may get.

Splitting things like rent, utilities, and groceries with a roommate will save money.  In fact, if you share the cooking duties, you can save a lot of money and prevent food waste by making meals for 2 or more people.  You’ll also have someone to share chores and errands with, cutting down on your workload.

However, a roommate might not be best for you if you want a lot of privacy.  Obviously, if you live alone you can do whatever you want in your apartment without anyone else knowing about it.  You also can make your own rules as far as how late guests can stay or when you arrive home or leave in the morning without worrying about bothering anyone.

Finally, living with another person can cause a lot of stress if you disagree over things like noise level or which way to hang the toilet paper.  If you are unfortunate enough to get a roommate who doesn’t pay bills or rent on time, there is a whole other set of uncomfortable headaches that comes with hounding someone to cough up their fair share.  The only way to be sure that situation never comes up is to be the only name on the lease.

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