Roommates: How technology can make your search easier.

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Finding a roommate that is a good fit is easier said than done. There are countless challenges when it comes to sharing a home with someone day in and day out. The person you are considering needs to have more than just a good personality. So how do you find the right roommate for you?

In the past word of mouth or newspaper ads were the options of choice. In recent years Craigslist has played a huge roll allowing you to place ads for roommates.  Finally, many go the route of rooming with friends, coworkers, or classmates. Today technology is making your search easier and more targeted. Here are two apps that you can download on your phone and use for free on your roommate quest!

Roomi – This app allows you to connect through Facebook to create a profile and preference list. You then have the option of either searching for an available room or for a roommate. The great thing about this app is that you can search for a roommate based on living preference, personal interest and even budget. You can also send messages through the app to individual(s) you think fit the bill!

YoRoomie Р Another app we love is too simple not to try. It is available in many locations, so if you are moving to a new city and need to search for a roommate in a place you have never been, this app will do the job! Simply download, create a profile and start your search. If you find someone that you think would be a great match, you can message them over the app!

We hope you find these apps helpful on your search for the perfect roommate! If your and your new roommate are still looking for an apartment, give us a call at 512 416 8100. We would love to help you and our service is always free of charge!


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