Preparing for a Move

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By preparing for your move in advance, you can make the process much easier.  Check out the Unclutter’s tips for moving preparation.
Don’t buy the large packages of perishables as you get closer to your move.  That way you won’t be stuck with either having to throw or give away things like a half-empty bottle of laundry detergent or ketchup.
Write down all the mail you receive and unsubscribe from any catalogs or magazines you don’t want anymore.  Keep a record of the subscription numbers of magazines you want to continue to get so you can change your address with them.  Notify any charities you’ve donated to of your new address so they can send you receipts for tax purposes.
Paper can be the heaviest thing in your house, and if you’re hiring movers, that means you’ll have to pay them by the pound to transport it.  Go through your filing cabinets and books, shredding any documents you don’t need anymore and donating books.
If you’ve loaned items out, start tracking them down and getting them back  from borrowers before you move.
Record the contact information for all your doctors so you can give it to your new doctors to get your medical records
sent.  A great way to do this is to just take a business card from your doctor, record their business hours on the back of it, and then hand it over to your new doctor when you move.
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