Pet-Proof Upholstery Options

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Those of us with lovable little four-legged friends have to think carefully about what kind of fabric we choose for our couches and chairs.  Check out Apartment Therapy’s round-up of the best upholstery when your household includes cats or dogs.
Patterns disguise pet hair, marks, and stains.  For the best camouflage, choose a pattern with a predominate color that matches your dog’s fur.  However, avoid tweedy fabrics because the weave can trap pet hairs and be impossible to remove.
Synthetic fibers, aka ultrasuede and microfiber, are great for pets.  Cats don’t seem to like to scratch it and if they do, marks can be brushed away.  It’s usually easy to wipe up stains too, often with soap and water if the upholstery code is “W”.
Leather is another fantastic durable choice. It is mostly impervious to odor and pet hair can easily be brushed off.  Cats usually don’t like to scratch leather and dog scratches can often be buffed out.  Distressed leather is even better because scratches and scuffs just add to its character.
Outdoor fabric is cleaned easily and has lots of options for color and patterns.  If your pet has a favorite chair, getting a slipcover in outdoor fabric makes it easy to clean.
Finally, make sure you avoid chenille, velvet, wool, linen, silk and tweed if you are going to have four-legged family members.  Don’t forget that blankets and slipcovers are always a great option to protect furniture as well!
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