Paying Rent

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Paying Rent seems like a pretty straight forward process, right?  But the Austin Tenant’s Council has a list of tips for how to pay your rent to make sure you have a record it was paid in case of a dispute.

First of all, consult your lease to see where you should pay your rent.  You may have to mail it, drop it in a drop box, or deliver it in person.  Be sure you know exactly where you should leave your payment so you do not inadvertently get charged a late fee.

Your second question may be, “how should I pay my rent?”.  The best and most accurate form of payment is a personal check.  That way you have your cancelled check as proof that your rent was paid and your landlord cashed your check.  If you are unable to pay with a personal check, a Traveler’s check is the next best thing because you can replace it and stop payment on it just like a personal check.  You can get traveler’s checks at most banks, even if you don’t have an account there, for a small fee.  The only drawback to traveler’s checks is that they are sold in whole amounts rather than the exact amount you need for your rent.

If you absolutely must pay by cash, NEVER put the cash in a drop box.  If one of your landlord’s employees steals your payment, you have no proof you paid.  No matter how you pay your rent, be sure to get a receipt.  If your landlord will not give you a receipt, ask them to sign the money order stub or sign a handwritten receipt you have made out.  Follow these simple steps and you’ll make sure you always have proof that the rent on your apartment was paid on time!

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