New Ideas to Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Apartment Decorating | 0 comments

A lot of #apartment dwellers are always looking for new ways to make their small spaces feel bigger.  Check out Apartment Therapy’s fresh new ways to make any small room seem more spacious.
Sure it’s great to use really large artwork in small spaces, but if you can’t afford really big pieces, unifying a grouping of smaller art by using the same type of frames and mats will go a long way to making it look like a cohesive collection.
Rooms seem bigger when more of the floor is visible, so try to avoid placing extra items on the floor.  Use shelves attached to the wall, storage that hangs on the wall, or purge some of the stuff you really don’t need to make your space seem larger.
Rather than using a lot of stuff, go for larger and less.  For example, one large rug or one big lamp can make a much bigger impact than a lot of small items.
Make sure the best features of your apartment stand out.  Draw attention to the good bones of your space, whether it’s large windows, high ceilings, or ornate molding.
Using clear accessories, like coffee tables, end tables, and frames, will allow more light to bounce around and by being able to see through the objects, it makes the room feel larger.
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