New Coupon Service Debuts at SXSW Interactive

by | Mar 12, 2012 | Austin News | 0 comments

A new coupon service was debuted at SXSW Interactive this week, KVUE.com reports.  RetailMeNot beta tested a new coupon technology which will upload coupon data directly to a user’s credit card.  It will no longer be necessary to carry a physical coupon or have a special code to get discounts at your favorite retailer.

The service is being tested at SXSW with RetailMeNot’s “What the Truck?” Campaign, which allows users to test out coupons for 13 local food trailers.  It works by users registering their credit card information at RetailMeNot’s mobile site. Users then choose what coupons they want and those offers are linked directly to their credit or debit card.  The service is free.

RetailMeNot expects the service to be popular with both merchants and consumers alike.  For merchants, the coupons will integrate with their existing credit card hardware, and for consumers, they don’t need to remember to carry around an extra piece of paper.  The discount will apply at the point of sale when the credit or debit card is swiped.  Easy, right?  Almost as easy as using an apartment locator to find your next apartment right next to where the best food trucks are!

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