Most Expensive Places to Rent in Austin

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Austin Rental Market | 0 comments

Wondering what parts of Austin are the most expensive to rent an apartment and which are the most affordable?  Curbed Austin has the lowdown.

Downtown Austin has the top rent at a median of $1,990 for a one-bedroom per month, East Cesar Chavez is $1,650 and Holly is $1,600.

Austin was the 33rd most expensive place to rent an apartment in the US for May.  Median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $1,050 per month and a two-bedroom is $1,340.

Across the city, the Rosewood and Windsor Park neighborhoods saw rent increase at the quickest pace, by 9 percent.  

Hyde Park, the Triangle area, and Rosedale were areas that were priced more affordably in the $1,000 range.  East Riverside, Dawson-Galindo, Pleasant Valley, Montopolis, East MLK-183, North and West University, and Windsor Park were other areas of the city that were at or below the $1,000 median rent.

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