Making a Small Bedroom Appear Larger

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Is your apartment bedroom tiny?  Make it feel huge with these tips from Reliable Remodeler.
By using a smaller bed, i.e. a full rather than a queen, you save on five square feet of space.  While you’re switching up your bed, put it on risers so you can use the area under it for storage.  Need even more space?  Use a lofted bed which has enough room underneath it for a desk, closet, or couch.
For your nightstand, use a wall-mounted or hanging shelf.  Hang your light from the ceiling, rather than wasting valuable floor real estate on a lamp.  Also, work from your bed rather than trying to cram in a desk in an already small space.  Use your headboard as a bookcase for even more storage.
In your closet, use cascading hangers, which allow you to cram in more clothes.  Another closet trick is to hang your hamper from the back of the door.
Hang your jewelry, scarves, hats, and other accessories on the wall where they double as wall decor.
To make your room appear larger, decorate with light colors.  A large, full-length mirror hung on the wall, or even leaned
against it, will make your space appear to double in size.
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