Make a Small Bedroom Feel Larger

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If you are an #apartment dweller, your bedroom can often be small.  Of course, going small has its advantages, less to clean, less to furnish, and it can be cozy, but if you feel like the walls are closing in on you, read on for About.com’ssuggestions for making a small bedroom look as large as possible.
Dark colors recede, making your room feel larger, so if paint’s an option, go for bold, dark colors.  If that’s too much, try painting just one wall or if the landlord says no paint, cover a wall in dark curtains.
If you choose to use patterns in your small bedroom, proceed cautiously.  Large prints are best used as accents because they can overwhelm a small room.
Wall to wall flooring, whether it’s carpet, laminate, or hardwood, makes a space seem much larger than small area rugs.  If you use a rug, make sure it’s big enough to cover almost the whole room.
For window coverings, choose curtains that are the same color as the wall and hang them just an inch or two below the ceiling and allow the fabric to reach the floor.  That will make the room look taller and wider.
A dark room can really make you feel trapped, so have at least two sources of light, like a bedside lamp and a floor lamp.
Mirrors reflect light and make a tiny room seem huge.  Choose a large mirror for over your dresser or have mirrored closet doors.
Footboards take up extra space, so skip it in a small room.  Also, if your bedcovering reaches the floor, it will make the room look larger.  You can use a long bedspread or comforter, or a bedskirt that matches your bedding.
Finally, clear furniture will make a room seem bigger as well because it doesn’t take up any visual space.  So choose glass or plexiglass options for the largest visual line possible.
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