Maintaining Your Refrigerator

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Make sure you are getting the most out of your refrigerator with Realty Times’ tips.
It is important to follow a few simple steps to be sure that your fridge is keeping your food as fresh as possible.  Clean the exterior of your refrigerator at least two times a year to rid it of dust, pet hair, and dirt.  Also, vacuum the condenser coils, make sure the drip pan and drain hole are clear, and wipe the door gaskets to rid them of crumbs and liquid.
Keep the inside of your refrigerator clean for the best performance.  If something spills, wipe it up immediately.  Once food is past its freshness date, remove it so it won’t create an odor and contaminate other foods.  By storing leftovers in air tight containers, you keep smells contained.  Wipe down the door once a week with soap and water to eliminate smudges and stains.
Take everything out of the refrigerator on an annual basis so you can deep clean all the shelves, bins and other parts.  To make the fridge easier to clean on a day-to-day basis, cover shelves with plastic place mats and keep raw meat and seafood on the bottom shelves so the juice won’t drip onto other items.
Keep your refrigerator organized by using lazy susans, plastic bins, and other organizing tools.  That way you’ll never lose items in the back and only discover them when you sense a mysterious smell.
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