Keeping a Clean Kitchen

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Do you see those gorgeous, clutter-free kitchens in design magazines and wish you could live like that?  Guess what?  You can!  Check out Apartment Therapy’s tips for keeping your kitchen clean.
Keep your counters clean and free of stuff.  Allow only the essential items to remain on your countertops and don’t dump things there when you come home.  (That’s why you need a landing strip.)
Keep everything in cabinets so you can hide your clutter.  If you just have to have open shelving, go for minimalism, use just one color, or only put out things that are in pretty containers.
Anytime you bring a new item into your kitchen, take out an old one to be sure you have room for everything.  Also, anytime you use something or bring purchases into your kitchen, put it away where it belongs.  If it’s dirty, put it in the dishwasher, if it’s clean or a new item, put it in the pantry or cabinet. Is its home somewhere else in the house?  Take it to where it belongs.
Keep your refrigerator clear of pictures, cards, lists, magnets, etc. for a neater kitchen appearance.  Also, don’t pile things up, find proper storage solutions for them.  Piles tend to look messy.
Clean the kitchen a little bit every day rather than saving it all for the weekend.  In conjunction with that, have a morning and evening cleaning ritual in the kitchen to be sure things stay under control.  In fact, every time you enter the kitchen, do something to make it look nicer.
Finally, allow one drawer to be designated the junk drawer so you can still have somewhere to put those things that simply don’t have a home.
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