Items You Should Keep on Your Kitchen Counter

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Although much of the advice out there is about avoiding clutter, there are certain things you SHOULD keep out on your kitchen counters.  About.com covers those items that are best kept out in the open and easily accessible.
Canisters are not only a great way to store kitchen basics like flour, sugar, coffee, etc, but they are a fantastic way to add color to the decor in your kitchen.
If you’re a coffee drinker, then having your coffee pot out on the counter is a must.  Make your mornings easier by setting up everything you need to make coffee in easy reach:  mugs, to-go cups, coffee, coffee filters and cream and sugar.
If you don’t have a dishwasher or have items that can only be washed by hand, a dish rack is another must for the counter.
Love to bake?  Odds are your stand mixer won’t fit in your cabinets, so go ahead and display it proudly.
Paper towels are something you want to be able to get to quickly.  Use a paper towel holder mounted on the wall by the sink for easy access.
Kitchen tools like spatulas, spoons, ladles and tongs are all good candidates for storage in a container on the counter.  This keeps those often used items within reach and allows you yet another opportunity to inject some color and style into your kitchen by choosing the right container.
Salt and paper shakers get used frequently in cooking, so keep them right out on the counter.  Choose a cute, off-beat vintage set to give yourself a smile every time you reach for some seasoning.
Finally, a fruit and vegetable basket is a great item to keep on the counter.  You’ll be more likely to make a healthy choice when you’re hungry if you can see that apple or orange easily.  Bonus:  fruits and vegetables are brightly colored and look fantastic!
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