Ingenius Ways to Keep Thanksgiving Food Warm

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Apartment Decorating | 0 comments

Thanksgiving is almost here and space for keeping food warm is always at a premium.  Think outside the oven with Apartment Therapy’s clever suggestions.
A toaster oven functions just like an oven, but smaller.  Use it to keep gravy or other small items warm inside, and then place a covered side dish on top to keep it warm too.  Pies and rolls are also great choices for this little work horse because they don’t need to be super hot.
A grill is a great place to load up with dishes inside and on top if it has a flat top.
A slow cooker is good for soup or mashed potatoes to remain warm until it’s serving time.
A thermos or insulated cup will keep gravy and sauces, even delicate ones like hollandaise, warm until it’s dinner time.
An electric griddle’s flat surface is good for big casserole and serving dishes and some even have open space underneath for warming.
Insulated coolers may usually hold cold drinks, but they also work great for keeping food warm.
Finally, an electric blanket, crazy as it is, can hold covered dishes and keep them warm as well.
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