IDEA Charter School to be Reviewed

by | Dec 1, 2012 | Austin News | 0 comments

IDEA charter school will be reviewed by the new Austin Board of Trustees, Statesman.com reports.  The charter school, which currently serves Kindergarten through 2nd and 6th grade at Allan Elementary in East Austin, was a hot point of contention in the recent school board elections and will be see their attendance and performance reviewed by the Trustees in their work session Monday night.
New Trustee Jayme Mathias, who beat out old Trustee Sam Guzman, a strong IDEA supporter, plans for the board to look at the school’s contract with AISD, its enrollment and attendance numbers, and how well the school is doing.  He represents Allan’s area and is concerned in particular with the fact that 43 IDEA Allan students have withdrawn since the beginning of school.  Representatives from IDEA said most withdrawals happened because of the long bus ride from other parts of the city to the school.
The district’s agreement with IDEA says that if either side wants to end the contract, they can by giving notice by the end of this year.  Otherwise, IDEA will continue at Allan for at least another year and move into more grades at Allan and also at Eastside Memorial High.
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