How to Use an Inspiration Photo

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Are you a Pinterest fiend?  Do you have boards upon boards of great ideas for your apartment, but not sure how to use those photos to make decorating change happen?  Apartment Therapy helps you take your dreams to reality!
Make a list of the things going on in the space:  the colors, the furniture, the decorative accessories and even the style and design principles used.
Next, look at your own space and write a list of the items you already have, including those you can bring in from other rooms.  Don’t limit your list to just items you want to keep, write down everything in the same way you did for the objects in the inspiration room.
Now it’s time to look at your limitations in terms of what is in the inspiration photo compared to your own space.  The inspiration photo may be much larger or have a totally different architecture than your home.  Also, the designer that put together the dream room is likely to have a much larger budget than yours.  Examine your inspiration room inventory and start striking items or thinking of alternatives to the parts that won’t work for your space.  Is there something that you’d love and you think you can make it yourself?  Write it down.  Love the high end coffee table, but know you can’t afford it?  Write down that you need to find a substitute.
Time to compare the list of things in your photo to what you have in your space.  Make a decision on what needs to be purchased, made, and what design ideas from the photo need to be brought into your space.
Start researching your alternatives, instructions for making things yourself, etc, and keep a list of what you’re going to need for any projects you are tackling yourself.  Make sure to include costs for all the things you will have to procure.
Next, go ahead and make a plan and a schedule for what you’re going to do yourself and what you’re going to purchase.  Eliminate elements that don’t fit in your budget.  Sign up for flash sale sites and newsletters from your favorite retailers so you can be notified when things go on sale and get coupons delivered to your inbox.
Get started and do what you have at the ready right away to motivate yourself.  From there, be aware that as your journey continues, you may find you don’t like things you thought you’d love or that you can’t find a substitute for that out-of-reach item.  Be ready to change and adapt as the process continues and take it one day at a time!
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