How to Organize Kid’s Rooms

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Organizing kid’s rooms can be very stressful and seem completely pointless. After all, they’re just going to mess it all up again, right?   Apartment Therapy will help you get the place clean and organized in a way that your kids can keep up and keep from overwhelming your apartment.
Their first tip is to rotate out your children’s toys on a regular basis.  Kids don’t really need that many toys, so box or bag up toys that kids aren’t playing with as much, put them in the garage or under the bed, and then pull them back out in a month or so.  It’ll be like a second Christmas!
Donate toys your child isn’t playing with anymore or never really cared for in the first place.  You could enlist your child’s help to pick some to donate from the toys they aren’t as interested in anymore and use it as a chance to explain the importance of giving to the less fortunate.
Another tip is reduce the number of each item and get rid of duplicates.  Just a few toys on each shelf makes it easier for your child to pick and to really play with whatever they choose.  It also makes it easier to clean those toys up when it’s time for play to be done.  Also, choose shallow toy organizers or wire baskets so the contents can be seen without the entire container having to be dumped out.
Labels also make it easier to find toys in each container.  Use pictures if your child isn’t reading yet.  Finally, don’t be afraid to put some things behind closed doors to cut down on the visual clutter.  Some rainy day, open the door to reveal a whole new set of playthings!
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