How To Move And Keep Your Sanity

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If you are moving from one apartment to another, even if the move is a short distance, it is still a monumental task. What’s more, hiring a moving company is a luxury most people cannot afford. A quick estimate from www.moving.com shows that the costs for moving a three bedroom apartment, for a distance as small as 3 miles, is almost $6,000 dollars. So, the question is: how can you pack and move from one place to another, and still keep your sanity? Well, we’ve put together a list of the best tips and tricks that will answer this question and alleviate stress during the process.


  1. If you don’t want to unpack it, don’t pack it – This first step can be done weeks in advance to your move and will make the actual process of moving and unpacking so much easier. Purge from your closets, appliances, furniture, and anything else that has added up over time that you simply don’t need or want anymore. Make two piles, one for trash and recycle, and one for donating. Only pack and move what you want to unpack later.
  2. Get the technical stuff out of the way – The second step is one that you can do in the days before the move, but is often one people don’t think about until the move is over and they are up to their eyeballs with boxes to unpack. Call and change your address on all legal forms. This can include, but is not limited to: credit cards, driver’s license, utility bills, insurance and car bills, and bank info such as checkbooks and debit cards etc. Don’t forget to call your local USPS office and leave a forwarding address, as well as switch over your internet and magazine subscriptions to your new address.
  3. Order packing boxes ahead of time – This company ships boxes right to your home. As an added benefit, they are boxes made out of recycled material so you are not harming the environment. They come at affordable prices, and you can purchase ‘moving kits’ based on the size of home that you are moving to. Let’s just say, we wish we knew about this sooner.
  4. Pack a ‘move-in’ box – How many times have you moved and completely forgotten about the ‘essentials’ that you take for granted at home? We’re talking about the things that would make the first night and day in your new home uncomfortable to go without. Our suggestion is to put together a move-in box that has all the essentials you will need in one place. This could include a toothbrush, toilet paper, shower curtain, towel, clean sheets, coffee maker  etc. Bring this box with you in your car, or keep it easily accessible and separate from the rest of the other boxes so you can easily retrieve it.
  5. Pack an item list for each box – Finally, take time to pack your apartment in the most organized way for unpacking it later. You can do this by labeling each box with a number, and a general label of what it contains, and what area of the house it comes from. Then, on a notepad make a list of exactly what is in the box according to the number on the box. This way you won’t create havoc when unpacking, or looking for certain items before you can completely unpack.


We hope you found these suggestions useful for your next move. If you are in the process of looking for a new apartment to call home, Apartment Experts would love to help! Our experienced apartment locators answer phones 7 days a week and are extremely knowledgeable about the Austin apartment market. Call 512 416 8100 today!

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